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Planet X & Pole Shift


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    Attorney, contractor, and ET contactee Gordon James Gianninoto discussed what he knows about Planet X and the coming pole shift and how the government is covering up an imminent global catastrophe. NASA, he said, has known for decades about the rogue body (known as Nibiru or Planet X) and it has shown up in photos taken by their SOHO satellite cameras over the last 7 years. It's in the plane of the ecliptic (Earth's orbit around the Sun), is four times the size of Earth, has hundreds of moons, and is occupied by "selfish extraterrestrials" (the ones Zecharia Sitchin wrote about), he claimed.

    Planet X can be seen "to the left of the sun at sunrise, and to the lower right of the sun at sunset," he continued. The incoming planet will cause a pole shift, with the Pacific narrowing, the Atlantic widening, and South America rotating around, submerging the Caribbean, said Gianninoto. The western side of Australia, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, and all of India will also be submerged, and in America, the Mississippi River will grow as wide as 100 to 200 miles across, he added.

    Citing the writings of alien contactee, Nancy Lieder, he warned there would be a precursor event to the pole shift that would likely occur before the end of the year, possibly huge earthquakes in Japan or along the New Madrid fault in the US. According to Gianninoto, there are more than six billion alien hybrids in "invisible 4th dimensional domed cities, under oceans, and in motherships," waiting to emerge after the pole shift.

    Paranormal Cops

    First hour guests, Ron Fabiani and Tom Froelich of the Chicago Paranormal Detectives talked about their cases. Both of them are also Chicago police officers, and apply certain standards to their investigations such as only working on contained environments like in a crime scene.

    One of the strangest cases they worked was at the site of the Big Timer's Sound Shop, a speakeasy that had an evil presence. Light bulbs were thrown at us, and EVPs that contained 4-letter words were recorded there, said Froelich. Fabiani mentioned they were working with the new Echo Real Time EVP device, which records and plays back sound with a 5-second delay, allowing investigators to hear responses within the moment.


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    Gordon James Gianninoto provided us with images related to what he believes is the arrival of Planet X. The globe in the second image depicts where the new North Pole will be (off of Brazil) after the Pole Shift.

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