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Attorney, contractor and ET contactee, Gordon James Gianninoto had many childhood UFO and ET encounters. He saw his first UFO in 1964, a one mile diameter mothership launching 3 saucers over San Juan PR harbor. He had his first vision of pole shift 1973 in a long and detailed dream and had a waking vision of same thing 1988. He realized a pole shift would bring open contact with ETs.

Past shows:

Titanic Conspiracy/ Pictographic Mysteries

Gordon James Gianninoto discussed a conspiracy surrounding the Titanic. Mitchel Townsend talked about mysterious "pictographic stones." (Related Images). More »

Planet X/ Psychic Detective

Gordon James Gianninoto discussed cataclysms coming with Planet X. Followed by Elaina Deva Proffitt on her work as a psychic detective. More »

End of the World?/ Open Lines

ET contactee Gordon James Gianninoto joined guest host Jimmy Church (email) to discuss Planet X and the 'end of the world.' Open Lines followed. More »

Terrorist Targets/ Zetas & Planet X

Author David Hagberg talked about terrorism targets. Followed by contactee Gordon James Gianninoto on the Zetas and Planet X. More »

Preparedness/ Planet X & Pole Shift

In the first half, radio host and entrepreneur Chris Geo discussed survivalism and emergency preparedness. He cautioned that 2015-2017 is when everything is going to come to a head, with the deceptive agenda of the New World Order stepping up. In the latter half, attorney,... More »

Planet X & Catastrophe

Attorney, contractor, and ET contactee Gordon James Gianninoto provided an update on what he knows about Planet X and the coming pole shift, the nature of gravity, Earth's 'dark twin,' and why he believes the government is covering up imminent global catastrophe. In the... More »

Japan Quake Theories & Open Lines

In the first half, ET contactee Gordon James Gianninoto and astrologer Mark Lerner shared their theories about the earthquake that hit Japan. The latter half of the program featured Open Lines, with a special hotline devoted to callers' strange habits. More »

Planet X & Pole Shift

Attorney, contractor, and ET contactee Gordon James Gianninoto discussed what he knows about Planet X and the coming pole shift and how the government is covering up an imminent global catastrophe. More »

Last Night

Mario Woods and Jeff Goodrich shared UFO experiences from their time in the Air Force and after. Followed by author T.S. Mart, who discussed monsters like the Thunderbird, Jersey Devil, Mothman, and lesser-known sky cryptids.

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