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Night Terrors & Caller Regrets


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    In the first half of the program, Craig Webb of the Dreams Foundation discussed night terrors. He differentiated them from nightmares in that night terrors often cannot be recalled and produce profound autonomic nervous system arousal. The exact cause of night terrors is unknown but they are commonly triggered by lack of sleep, diet changes, stress, sleeping position, and various physiological factors, Webb explained. In one case, a child's night terrors seem to have been prompted and successfully treated by a change in temperature, he noted.

    Webb disclosed the fascinating details from a case about a young woman who was clinically diagnosed with night terrors. According to Webb, the patient manifested physical abnormalities during her sleep terrors, including increased temperature, full-body redness, and softball sized blisters. A hypnotherapist uncovered a link to her 'past life' in Salem, Massachusetts, where she was burned at the stake, Webb continued. During one of their sessions, there was reportedly an odor of burning hair and flesh in the room, he added.

    Webb spoke briefly about lucid and shared dreaming, plus he recalled his own frightening night terror episode in which he experienced "raw fear" at the hands of a shadowy figure grabbing at him. He also mentioned his current research into night terrors and ways to potentially treat them. Parents with children plagued by night terrors or adults suffering from them should email Webb at for more information.


    The remainder of the show featured Open Lines, with a special emphasis on callers' regrets. Susan in Pahrump, Nevada, said her biggest regret happened in the 1985, when she fell on some tough times and asked her ex-husband to watch over their two sons for the summer. According to Susan, her ex took off with the boys and she didn't get to see them again until 1999. Now adults with their own families, Susan has since been reunited with her children. Bob from Ormond Beach, Florida, told George he regretted killing a squirrel with a rock when he was eight years old. "To this day, 53 years old, it still haunts me," he lamented.

    Jack in Troy, Ohio, a former broadcaster and current police officer, went off on a rant about Ted Williams, the man with the 'golden voice' who was recently discovered begging for change on the roadways of Columbus. "I'd like to see him disappear," Jack said, noting how he believes Williams is undeserving of the opportunities being presented to him. Dan from Memphis, Tennessee, a retired Navy pilot, recalled seeing a strange aquatic animal off the coast of Vietnam. According to Dan, the beast was 100 feet long, gray-blue-green in color, torpedo-shaped, and had a huge singular eye, as big as a hubcap, on the top of its head.

    At the end of the third hour, alien implant expert Dr. Roger Leir briefly joined the show to share his version of "Memory" from the musical Cats, as played on a Rodgers 3-Manual Analog Organ.

    News segment guests: Jerome Corsi and Michael Horn


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