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    Joining Ian Punnett, Egyptologist and author David Elkington talked about the Jordan Codices -- ancient metal religious texts that could change the way we view Christianity and the Bible. The books are made entirely of lead and written in a form of ancient Hebrew (Hasmonean) that dates back to the 1st century BC, he explained. Within the metallic pages are numerous Messianic symbols, Temple representations, and even portraits of a person resembling Jesus, Elkington said. "It confirms the underlying story in the gospels, and confirms for the first time that Christ not only existed, but he was truly a king of Israel," he declared.

    Some scholars have called into question the authenticity and age of the codices. According to Elkington, results from a series of chemical, spectagraphic, crystallographic, and corrosion tests strongly support a 1st century dating of the metal. The letters themselves have been molded with the lead and are also corroded, he noted. It is nearly impossible to artificially corrode lead, Elkington continued, pointing out that no scholars have thus far been able to answer how it could have been done. In addition, the ancient language used in the metal books is only known by a handful of experts, he said. Elkington also spoke about the area where the codices were found, speculated about the people who wrote them, and revealed some more details about their contents.

    Watergate Incident

    In the first hour, confidential informant Robert Merritt argued that Nixon and the Watergate burglars were set up by rogue elements in the government. Merritt revealed that he had learned about plans for the break-in from a man who worked the telephone switchboard at Columbia Plaza (a complex next to the Watergate Hotel). According to Merritt, this person had overheard a phone call in which the parties spoke of a plan to destroy the president. Merritt said he shared details of the break-in with his roommate, a detective and military operative who, in turn, used the information to set-up the burglars. "I believe that if it were not for me, there would have been no Watergate [scandal]," he noted.

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