David Elkington

David Elkington


David Elkington is the author of the highly acclaimed academic thesis on the resonance and acoustical origins of religion. David is primarily an Egyptologist, specializing in Egypt-Palestinian links that have inevitably drawn him into the field of biblical studies. He has lectured at universities all over the world and written many papers on ancient history and linguistics. He has in his possession two of the metal books which were actually smuggled out of Jordan. His goal is to return them to Jordan so they can be properly displayed in a museum.



Past Shows:

  • Prehistoric High-Tech / Schumann Resonance

    Researcher Jared Murphy argued that prehistoric technologies were more advanced than is commonly believed. Followed by historian David Elkington, who discussed the Schumann Resonance's precise correspondence with the human brain’s alpha waves.More »
  • Comic Books & Intelligence Community

    Comic book artist David Mack discussed the intrigue in his work as a "Comic Book Ambassdor" for the U.S. State Department.More »
  • Jordan Codices/ Open Lines

    David Elkington told the story of the Jordan Codices, which could rewrite Biblical history. Followed by Open Lines in the latter half.More »
  • Changing Biblical History/ Ark of the Covenant

    Egyptologist David Elkington provides an update on the Jordan Codices, followed by historical detective Graham Phillips on the Ark of the Covenant.More »
  • Evolutionary Mysteries

    In the first half, Ian Punnett (Twitter) was joined by Prof. David Barash who discussed evolutionary mysteries and puzzles of human nature. Appearing during the third hour, religious scholar and Egyptologist, David Elkington, gave an update on the Jordan Codices, ancient books...More »
  • Jordan Codices

    During the middle two hours, religious scholar and Egyptologist, David Elkington, joined Ian Punnett for an update on the Jordan Codices: seventy, ancient and sealed metal books that could change the world’s view of Biblical history. In the first hour, author Jesse Richards...More »
  • Police Interrogation

    Novelist and screenwriter Paul Bishop joined Ian to discuss his 35-year career for the LAPD where he worked as an interrogator and sex crimes detective. In the first hour, Egyptologist and author David Elkington provided an update on the Jordan Codices, and investigative...More »
  • Jordan Codices

    Joining Ian Punnett, Egyptologist and author David Elkington talked about the Jordan Codices -- ancient metal religious texts that could change the way we view Christianity and the Bible. In the first hour, confidential informant Robert Merritt argued that Nixon and the...More »
  • Ancient Metal Religious Books

    Appearing in the middle two hours, British scholar and author David Elkington spoke about the extraordinary discovery of 70 ancient metal religious books that could alter the world's view of biblical history (related article). In the first hour, scientist Dr. Charles...More »

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