'Judgement Day' Rapture

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'Judgement Day' Rapture


  • Saavedra: Bad Theology
  • Marzulli: Planetary Changes
  • Pugh: Matthew 24:36-37 Explained
  • Fanthorpe: End Times History
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    In the first half of the show, George spoke with several guests about the May 21st 'Judgment Day' rapture of believers predicted by Christian radio evangelist Harold Camping. Neil Saavedra, producer of The Jesus Christ Show, said the doomsday prophet's theology is bad, noting that Matthew 24:36 says no man will know the day or hour of the end of the world. Saavedra also mentioned some of Camping's other questionable teachings, including annihilationism, the created nature of Jesus, and the apostate condition of all churches (other than his own). Following, author L.A. Marzulli proclaimed, "I don't think anything will happen on May 21st -- guaranteed." Marzulli expressed his annoyance with Camping's end times sensationalism, which he thinks distracts people from seeing how the bizarre changes and events taking place on the planet actually relate to ancient biblical prophecies, and point to a supernatural force outside of our own space-time domain.

    In the second hour, prophecy researcher Dr. Joye Pugh told George that she believes Camping has a true heart but has "jumped the gun" with his rapture prediction. Like Marzulli, Pugh thinks the hullabaloo surrounding Camping could hinder people from understanding events that may soon come to pass. She discussed the concept of rapture and how such a "catching away" of the saints will likely occur just before a period of silence, as foretold in Revelation. Pugh also stressed the importance of studying the Bible for oneself and expounded upon the aforementioned Matthew passage, which she explained is a reference to the Jewish holiday known as the Feast of Trumpets, or "The Day that No Man Knows." Next, storyteller and Anglican priest Lionel Fanthorpe commented on how 'End Times' forecasts often occur in history when people are suffering through hard times. According to this view, the doomsday predictions of the New Testament writers may actually be referring to the end of the Roman Empire and cruelty of Nero's rule, he said.

    At the top of the third hour, C2C science advisor Richard C. Hoagland provided a brief update on the space shuttle Endeavour. Open Lines followed, with callers sounding off about the prophesied May 21st apocalypse. Yvonne in London, Ontario, humorously recalled having a 'last meal' of Chinese food and getting a fortune that read, "Tomorrow will be too late, so enjoy what you can today." Lincoln from Portland, Oregon, shared his research into the rapture, noting that the concept was invented in the late 19th century and is rejected by most mainstream Christian denominations. "The whole notion [that] people are going to vanish into thin air... is nowhere in the Bible," he said. Susan in Hayward, California, revealed that her former spouse is a follower of Harold Camping and part of his Project Caravan outreach. Susan disclosed that her children are with her ex-husband, as he has custody of them, and that she is worried about possibly never seeing them again.

    News segment guests: Christian Wilde, Guy Von Harringa, and Glynis McCants


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