Children, Heaven, & Spirits

Children, Heaven, & Spirits


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsJames Van Praagh, Charles Shults III

Renowned medium James Van Praagh discussed his explorations into the lives of children in heaven; following the journey of a child’s soul to heaven, their time spent in heaven, and their connection to the living. While the death of a child is heartbreaking, on the level of soul growth it's very different-- "that soul might have only needed 10 years, 18 years...and then it's time to move on, to graduate if you will," he said, adding that "we're souls having a human experience--not the other way around." Further, he explained that we travel in "soul packs" that tend to reincarnate and evolve together.

After children pass on, they enter an "open arena," where a shower of light energy washes over them, detaching any unwanted vibrations just before they enter heaven, he detailed. There are many activities, and places of learning in heaven, where souls can perfect skills, and prepare for their next life, he continued. Van Praagh described the afterlife as a place with unlimited vistas, and residences of living which characterize who you are as a soul. And for those who don't need the physicality, there are higher levels of frequency and "cities of light."

A number of parents phoned-in to share accounts of losing a child. Feelings of grief and loss by parents may make it more difficult for deceased children to make contact. Van Praagh suggested that a parent say before going to sleep, 'if you're able to come through, I'd love to see you in a dream,' and then stop focusing on it. Their spirits will come through when you least expect it-- when you're not thinking about it, he noted.

Mars Update

First half-hour guest, aerospace and defense systems developer Charles Shults shared an update on his research into the 'fossils' on Mars (related TV news report). The Curiosity rover, to be launched later this year to Mars, was to carry James Cameron's full color, stereo camera, but that plan was scrapped due to imaging problems, he reported.

News segment guests: Larry Connors, Mitch Battros



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