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    Author Whitley Strieber joined George Knapp to discuss the events in his classic book The Key, and what happened when a strange man showed up unannounced and imparted extraordinary lessons to him in 1998. The man he referred to as the "Master of the Key" issued various prescient remarks about climate changes, which have since started to seem like accurate predictions, such as the possibility we could be entering a new ice age, Strieber outlined. He described how winds blowing over the northern ocean would melt the polar ice, and fresh water would flood down into the south, and into the Atlantic, stopping the Gulf Stream. "And when that happened sudden climate change would be imminent," the Master of the Key warned.

    The Master of the Key commented on crop circles, calling them two-dimensional portraits of beings who were "us in another state trying to find a way to communicate with us in this state," Strieber related. The Master also told Strieber that there is more than one universe (an idea now seriously considered in modern physics), and that our universe has collided with one of these "super-scaled physical objects" at least four times in history. Human souls have been harvested to make intelligent machines, the Master ominously revealed.

    The Master spoke of the importance of meditation, which helps the soul keep its integrity after the body dies, and how this planet at one time was covered by "a gigantic instrument of communication and ascension." He also predicted that humankind may face its end in the coming century, yet over vast scales of time, creatures such as birds and insects could evolve to become intelligent life forms. More on The Key here.

    Animal Ethics

    First hour guest, Wayne Pacelle, president of the Humane Society of the U.S., spoke about the BLM wild horse controversy, as well as his efforts to curb the worst elements of animal cruelty, which occurs in such areas as hunting, animal testing, and agriculture. He suggested that people pay closer attention to the source of their food-- the average American eats 40 animals a year, and many of these creatures are raised in inhumane "factory farms."


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