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Psychology & Character / Teleportation


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    In the first half, psychology professors David DeSteno and Piercarlo Valdesolo discussed their extensive and surprising work on character and personality traits including why some upstanding public people go haywire in epic ways. People's view of character is often misunderstood. We justify our own actions, but are quick to condemn someone else, they explained. For instance when a supposed good person does one bad thing, it's assumed he must have been a wolf in sheep's clothing all along, but when a supposed bad person does one good thing, people don't assume he's a saint. Powerful people sometimes become embroiled in misdeeds because the more power they have, the more invulnerable they feel, and they think the normal rules don't apply to them, said DeSteno.

    They shared some of the results of their psychology experiments related to character:

    • By mildly altering a person's mood, opinions on moral matters could be changed.
    • In making a person feel jealousy, aggression & negative behavior were observed.
    • Creating a similarity between unconnected persons increased their compassion for each other.
    • Anger can create prejudice from out of thin air for those that are perceived as different.


    In the latter half, hypnotherapist Dr. Bruce Goldberg talked about teleportation, other dimensions, and astral travel. Teleportation differs from an OBE (out-of-body experience), he said, explaining that in an OBE, the soul leaves the physical body and goes to the astral plane. But in teleportation, "you're going to see the body actually fade away and disappear slowly; nothing else in the environment will be altered," he said. There's an increased energy vibrating around the physical body, a spiraling upwards, and a pop sound at the top of the head, with your perception like you were looking through a keyhole, he continued. More on the process here.

    He shared several case histories. In one incident, a woman was ejected from a car, and laying on a road. She used Goldberg's post hypnotic suggestion to teleport herself safely into her living room, and drivers on the road reportedly said they saw her body disappear. An older case from the early 1900s involved two brothers from Bologna, Italy who were said to be able to teleport themselves to various locations around town. To test the boys, a Bishop locked them in their bedroom, and "even with all these precautions the boys disappeared within a few minutes," Goldberg recounted.

    News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Martine Colette

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