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In the first half of the program, Dr. Gregg Korbon shared the story of how his 9 year old son, Brian, predicted his own death with remarkable and chilling accuracy. Korbon explained that, right before his ninth birthday, Brian told his parents that he "wouldn't make it to double digits." Over time, his son grew despondent and had trouble sleeping as he was "absolutely certain that he was going to die." Despite enrolling him in counseling and seeking advice from his school and the family's church, Korbon said that Brian's belief in his impending demise was unwavering.

Korbon recalled how, as his death got closer, Brian began "tying up loose ends," unbeknownst to his parents. He declared that it was "time for his party" and requested a small gathering to be attended by a handful of friends, where he said goodbye to them. Additionally, he purchased gifts, in advance, for his parents, wrote letters to his grandparents, and even made peace with the bullies that he'd encountered at school. The day he died, Brian played in a baseball game and, on the way there, told his father that he desperately wanted to score a run that day. During the game, Brian got to first base via a walk and was driven in by the subsequent batter. After racing around the bases and scoring the run, he gave his father a thumbs up, ran to the dugout to celebrate with his teammates, sat down on the bench, and suffered a heart arrhythmia, dying instantly.

Following the events of that tragic day, Korbon revealed, his belief system was forever altered as he struggled with the knowledge that Brian had actually predicted his own death. While attending a support group for parents that had lost their children, Korbon shared Brian's story and was stunned to hear that about half of the attendees had similar stories, even when their child had died in an accident. He recounted how one little girl was asphyxiated by her hair ribbon while going down a slide and actually drew a picture of the incident a mere twenty minutes before it happened. Eerily, on the other side of the paper, she had drawn herself as an angel. Korbon also noted that, regardless of the various bereaved parents' spiritual beliefs, following the loss of their child, "we all lost our fear of death, it was just instinctive." He attributed this change in perspective to the feeling that they'd lost a part of themselves which was now inhabiting some other plane of existence.

The remainder of the program was devoted to Open Lines. In the news segment at the start of the program, Richard C. Hoagland talked about Friday's launch of the space shuttle Atlantis.


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