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Cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard discussed his research into various strange creatures including Mothman, Thunderbirds, chupacabras, lake monsters, the Jersey Devil, cryptid cats, and Bigfoot. There are two different types of creatures called chupacabras-- hairless canine-like animals spotted in the American Southwest, and the stranger bipedal entities with spines along their back seen in Puerto Rico. A recent sighting in Texas turned out to be a coyote with mange, he noted. Regarding Thunderbirds, there are birds in the fossil record that had wingspans of up to 24 ft. across, "and who's to say they don't exist still?" he mused. There are worldwide legends of gigantic birds, including a number of similar accounts from North American Indian tribes. "Of course, the name Thunderbird speaks to the fact that they felt these birds could actually shoot lightning from the eyes, and beat thunder from their wings," he shared.

Gerhard mounted a couple of expeditions to search for Bigfoot in Central America. The nation of Belize has a history of accounts of two-types of unidentified hominids, one similar in description to the Sasquatch, another a pygmy-sized version standing only about 3-ft. tall. The Skunk Ape in Florida has been described as smaller than the Bigfoot seen in the Northwest, and is said to move on all four legs and as well as walk as upright, he detailed.

"Mothman is one of the most enigmatic and notorious figures in the annals of the unexplained," Gerhard commented, adding that it's possible it could have been a Thunderbird that was interpreted differently by witnesses. In 2009, there were sightings in Mexico of a Mothman-like creature-- a humanoid with giant wings, he reported. He also spoke about the 'Beast of Gevaudan,' a giant and ferocious super-wolf that was said to kill 60-100 people in France during the 18th century. Callers added to the evening's mix, describing their fascinating encounters with strange, unknown creatures.

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First hour guest, investment advisor Catherine Austin Fitts talked about the debt ceiling problem, as well as the rise in gold prices. America's debt ceiling is related to how citizens' social security contributions have gone to fund investments and paying on the deficit, and now that more people are retiring and wanting their payouts, the money isn't available to use for this financing, she explained. While gold is high right now, silver has the potential to outperform it, she noted. However, silver's value tends to be much more volatile than gold, she added.

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