Summer Psychic Special

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Summer Psychic Special

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Three psychics shared what they see ahead for the nation and the world over the next six months. First up, was Joe Jacobs, who sees the United States being in a difficult year. The time frame of July 4th through August 24th is filled with miscommunications and misunderstandings, and he believes that only a temporary measure for the debt ceiling will be reached during this time. September could be a more constructive month for Congress, while he sees migrations taking place in October, and heavy storms and weather problems in December and February.

Maureen Hancock, who has a new TV show (Psychic in Suburbia premiering on the Style Network on Sat. July 30th), shared a number of specific predictions:

  • Casey Anthony becomes pregnant in the next six months.
  • A devastating category 4 hurricane hits the Carolinas around the end of September.
  • New documents about the Kennedy family will come out, revealing information about Ted Kennedy in particular.
  • Terrorism threats for Chicago in late summer, as well as for Madrid in the next 3-4 months. A threat in downtown LA will be thwarted.

In the last hour, Angela Moore spoke of Americans dealing with increased anxiety surrounding security and money. There could be a lot of disharmony-- possibly rioting, in relation to the growing chasm between the rich and poor, she detailed. She senses terrorist plots both for the US West Coast and abroad, which may involve transportation. Moore also foresees an asteroid or unknown heavenly body heading near Earth, which she mentally perceived as a kind of wave form.

Climategate Update

First hour guest, environmental consultant Tim Ball offered commentary on 'Climategate' controversies. The emails revealing faulty climate models were first leaked to the BBC, which has recently been accused of pushing the 'green agenda.' The idea of "carbon pollution" is wrong scientifically, said Ball. "To suggest that CO2's a pollutant when it's an extremely important gas in the atmosphere for all plant life and therefore for the oxygen that's produced, is just nonsense," he added.

News segment guest: James Chiles, Richard C. Hoagland

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