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During Open Lines, several callers phoned in to talk about how it feels to have a panic attack. Dee from Yuma, Arizona, described the attack she had that warned her about the collapse of sections of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. Kim in Manhattan phoned in to share her bizarre paranormal encounter. An Ivy League-educated attorney who rarely drinks and never touches drugs, Kim revealed that she once saw an orange ball of light hovering above the floor in her bedroom doorway. The bright plasma-like orb made a jerky movement, as if it knew it had been noticed, then flew off into the bathroom, she reported.

Bryan from Athens, Georgia, recounted an experience he had communicating with his deceased domestic partner. About a month after his passing, a friend's dog began barking at something unseen in the kitchen, Bryan recalled, noting that immediately he called in a group of paranormal investigators. They setup a machine that takes readings from the environment, converts the readings to numbers, then attributes a word to each number and sends the result a text to speech synthesizer, he explained. Bryan said the first word that came through was a term of endearment that they used for each other.

Talking with the Dead

The second hour featured retired NYC Police Detective Sergeant Joseph Lani, who discussed how he began communicating with spirits. After the 9-11 attacks, Lani said had been assigned to the Fresh Kills Landfill in Staten Island New York, where he sifted through the World Trade Center debris looking for human remains and personal effects. He recalled sensing the energy of fallen firefighters in the decimated emergency vehicles located there, and also reported witnessing a mysterious "dark passenger"—a lost soul—roaming the debris fields.

A near fatal heart attack put Lani in the coronary care unit, where he claimed to have been visited by his deceased uncle. Since that moment, Lani said he has been able to talk with the dead. He told George that he now conducts real-time readings for 9-11 families, hoping they will be comforted by connecting with their loved ones on the other side. Lani also noted that several former co-workers were initially skeptical of his newfound abilities, but soon became convinced by the accuracy of his readings.

The Twilight Zone

In the first hour, George spoke with writer Marc Zicree about his love of The Twilight Zone, the enduring legacy of the show, and people who worked on it, including show creator Rod Serling and award-winning science-fiction and fantasy author, Ray Bradbury. Zicree also provided a brief update from his appearance at Comic-Con, talked about his work as a television writer and upcoming projects, as well as announced the publication of Asked And Answered: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by his stepmother, Sherri Zicree.

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