The Economy, Pleiadians, & Open Lines

The Economy, Pleiadians, & Open Lines


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsCatherine Austin Fitts, Cullen Baird Smith, Rebecca Orleane, Open Lines

First hour guest, investment advisor Catherine Austin Fitts, commented on the latest happenings with the U.S. economy. The Dow Jones industrial average fell from 12,700 to 10,700 in two weeks, and at the bottom of that movement erased almost $3 trillion from the global stock market, she reported. Americans are finally beginning to see that our financial structure does not work, she continued. According to Fitts, we have been targets of economic warfare and must learn to outwit the system if we wish to thrive once again. She recommended stockpiling non-perishables as a hedge against inflation, investing in gold and other precious metals, keeping money in local credit unions and community banks, and ending tyrannical government policies aimed at small businesses. Fitts also announced the roll-out of her website's online Silver and Gold Payment Calculator.

In the second hour, Cullen Baird Smith, a sensitive and an energy healer, and Rebecca Orleane, a Ph.D. in the Psychology of Consciousness and Spirituality, shared what they've learned from their contact with a group of Pleiadians known as Laarkmaa. According to Smith, the Laarkmaa have been communicating with mankind for thousands of years, and have spoken to him and Orleane every single day for the last several years. They traveled to Earth in spacecraft powered by 'love and light,' appear to move in wave motions similar to a mirage, and do no meddle in human affairs, he explained. The Pleiadians work together to help humanity understand its own evolution, Orleane added. They want us to know that by stepping out of our fears we have the power to transform our world and reawaken lost innate abilities, such as communicating through the 'water of our being,' she continued. They have also revealed humanity's energetic and physical connection to the evolutionary processes of the planet, Orleane said.

During Open Lines, Melinda in Las Vegas told George about a UFO that she believes has been following her around for the last three years. She described the craft's appearance as a star that changes colors, does not shift with the sky, and moves on its own. Melinda said she recently started receiving messages of comfort and love from the UFO. Dave, a former aerospace engineer from Los Angeles, offered his suggestions to enhance America's manned space program. To avoid the expense of heavy lift rockets, Dave advocated constructing a platform in space or on the Moon from which modularized spacecraft could be built and launched without ever having to enter Earth's atmosphere. Chip in Sacramento, recalled a bizarre encounter he and his friends had while on a camping trip in Maui, Hawaii. According to Chip, a diamond shape light had been following them, which put the rest of the party into a trance-like state. Chip said he saw three Gray aliens disappear into the bushes, and as soon as they left his friends regained consciousness as if nothing had happened.

The final half hour featured George's rendition of H.G. Wells' The Story of the Inexperienced Ghost.

News segment guest: Mitch Battros



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