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Open Lines Live from Albuquerque

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Broadcasting live from KKOB-AM in Albuquerque, New Mexico, George Noory hosted a night of Open Lines. Ralph from West Monroe, Louisiana, claimed that spirits in his house routinely throw candles, magnets, and rocks at him, noting that last night he was struck by a flying knife. Ralph said he's been hit by a Bible and an entire case of books as well, after reciting biblical names aloud to the entities. To protect himself Ralph revealed that he carries holy oil and a cross on him. Steven in Sacramento, California, told George about the ghostly presence that has possessed his home. Steven said his son has described seeing a man in the house, and sometimes points to what appears to be nothing and exclaims, "No, my house, my house!" Steven detailed weird dreams about being choked from which he has awoken unable to breathe.

Lisa from Knoxville, Tennessee, spoke about a tragic litany of bad luck she's experienced this year, including being snowed in for three days at her mountain home, paying a repairman for a simple blown fuse, getting into a car accident that totaled her truck and injured the passenger, and having her hours cut at work the day she signed a loan for a new car. In addition, Lisa said her washer and dryer have stopped working, her roof leaks, and she was recently burglarized. David in Cliffside Park, New Jersey, shared his childhood encounters with extraterrestrials in Westtown, Pennsylvania. He recalled seeing a bright light enter his bedroom and visitations from beings he described to his mom as "little people." David said a hypnotic regression revealed that he may have been on some kind of ship.

The final hour of the program featured a replay of hour four from 3/11/11.

Health-Related Issues

In the first hour, George was joined in the studio by Dr. Robin Falkov for a discussion on various health-related issues in the news. Falkov reported on the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster in Japan, noting that the reactors are still leaking high levels of radiation and the ground under the facility has begun cracking, similar to a 'China Syndrome' scenario. She said it was unclear how much radiation is leaking from the damaged reactors and making it to America's shores. Falkov recommended visiting the Radiation Network for real-time updates on radiation level in the US, and went over precautions when taking potassium iodide to mitigate the effects of radiation poisoning. She also commented on the recent deaths of two children and a young man by brain-eating amoebas that live in water, and warned listeners to stay out of lakes and rivers.

News segment guests: Gerald Celente / Mitch Battros


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