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Dimensional Travel & Open Lines

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In the first half, George Noory welcomed hypnotherapist Dr. Bruce Goldberg for a discussion on exploring other dimensions, time travelers, glimpsing the future, and ascension techniques. He began by presenting the baffling account of Rudolph Fentz, a Kansas man reported missing in 1876 who mysteriously appeared in New York in the 1950s and was struck and killed by a car. The morgue reported Fentz had mutton chop sideburns, was wearing 19th century clothes, and carrying a 5-cent token for beer, a livery-stable bill, and a wad of antique money, Goldberg revealed, noting this story as evidence for teleportation. He also shared a hypnotic progression case in which a man named John learned that he would become a time traveler in the 35th century.

"Our dreams contain fragments, because they are out-of-body experiences, of futuristic material," Goldberg continued. Through them one can access the past, present, and future, as well as parallel dimensions, he added. Goldberg offered a series of nighttime exercises to help out-of-body travelers tap into what he called the 'higher self,' the perfect part of the soul. Accessing the higher self can help soothe the bereaved and even provide 'soul healing,' he suggested. Goldberg talked about his 'conscious dying' ascension technique, which he described as a way to merge with the higher self at the moment of death in order to avoid the disorienting forces of the karmic cycle. As an example, Goldberg shared the case of an uncertain pianist named Edna, who died in 1979 and was reborn in 1981 as an empowered young girl named Paula, who also played the piano.


During Open Lines, a Skype caller told George about his 2007 premonitory dreams in which he saw his present living situation in India. The caller added that he is now having recurring dreams about a portal between Los Angeles and Bangalore that can be accessed via teleportation stations which he believes may already exist. Eric in Gilford, New Hampshire, recounted a childhood experience of seeing an old man whenever he looked into his mirror. Eric said he was also unusually attracted to fire during this period, a detail which got his mom's attention when she consulted with a psychic friend who specifically mentioned it. The psychic revealed that a spirit was trying to enter his body, and sent over a person to bless the house, Eric said. Holy water was sprinkled on all of the reflective surfaces in the home, he added, noting that as soon as it hit the mirror a glass shattered in his hand. Tony from Galax, Virginia, shared why he believes his doppelgänger lives in his hometown—High Point, North Carolina. According to Tony, friends and relatives in that region report seeing him in stores and in other spots around the city, but when they approach the parallel Tony he ignores them.


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