Iroquois Supernatural

Iroquois Supernatural


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsMichael Bastine, Richard Heinberg

During the middle two hours, Algonquin healer, elder, and student of medicine men, Michael Bastine (book link), discussed his research of the rich legacy of the Iroquois Confederacy including stone giants, talking animals, dark magic, little people, and prophecies of a coming new age. "What is termed 'paranormal'," he said, "were activities within the Iriquois people that they would term as 'normal.'"

Among the many legends discussed by Bastine was the tale of the "stone giants," a race of people that are said to have existed on Earth before humans. He explained that these beings were tasked with "assisting in the structuring of this land for the humans to occupy it." Possessing supernatural powers, the stone giants became boastful of their skills to "the creator." In response to their vanity, the creator decreed that they were to be banished from the Earth. The repentant stone giants begged for forgiveness and promised, should they be allowed to stay on Earth, that they would "remain out of sight" and not interfere with the planet's other life forms. According to the legend, this request was granted and the stone giants remain on Earth as the creature popularly known as Bigfoot.

Bastine also talked about the importance of ceremonial masks, known to the Iroquois as "false faces." He shared the story of an encounter between his mentor, Mad Bear, and a reporter who was transfixed by one of these masks. Mad Bear chastised the reporter for staring at the "false face" because "that's like staring at another human" and explained that the Iroquois treat the masks as if they were alive, including feeding them during an annual ceremony. In response to the skeptical reporter, Mad Bear declared that "these are living things" and revealed that the hair on the mask actually grows. To prove this claim, they measured the hair and, one year later, measured it again and, indeed, the hair on the mask had grown. After that second visit, the stunned reporter never ridiculed the masks again and remarked "I almost have to see things like this to believe that it's possible."

The End of Economic Growth

In the first hour, author Richard Heinberg talked about how our new economic reality suggests that the era of growth has come to an end. He described the concept of economic growth as being fueled by "more and more consumption." To that end, Heinberg said that this growth is coming to a halt due to the combination of dwindling resources on the planet, massive debt accrued by nations and people, and natural disasters, which are "making it impossible for the insurance industry to value risk." Looking to the future, Heinberg advised that people consume less, save more, become more self-sufficient, and begin sharing amongst their family and neighbors. Ironically, he noted that should people begin doing these things in earnest, "then the economy would contract even faster, but it's what we have to do to protect ourselves."

The second hour of the program featured Open Lines.



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