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Unexplained Crime Stories

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Ingrid Dean, detective sergeant, forensic artist, and 20-yr. police veteran in the Michigan State Police Force, discussed her work researching true stories from the front lines of law enforcement which were purportedly shaped by angels, apparitions, and unexplainable phenomena. Officers naturally develop an ability to see, feel and know things without quite understanding why, Dean said, noting that the nature of police work, with its life and death responsibilities, requires them to depend on intuition or what some might call divine intelligence. "When the hair stands up on the back of your neck, pay attention," she added.

Three police officers highlighted in Dean's book, Alan L. White, Herman Brown, and Anthony V. Rosales, joined the discussion at various points throughout the evening to personally recount their own hair-raising experiences. White recounted the night he was working by himself in a haunted police department in Skagway, Alaska, and heard the door to the storage room screech shut multiple times (even though it had been securely closed and could not stay open on its own). He also claimed to have witnessed the sound of footsteps pacing on the floor above him. Brown shared details from an angelic encounter that he credits with saving his life when he fell asleep while driving, and Rosales talked about an otherworldly UFO sighting at a military missile facility.

Exploitation Horror

In the first half-hour, writer/director Frank Henenlotter spoke briefly about his most famous film, Basket Case (1982), as well as the weird world of exploitation filmmaker Herschell Gordon Lewis, who directed the world's first "gore" movie, Blood Feast (1963). Lewis' films were shocking and over-the-top for their time, Henenlotter revealed, adding that they were filled with things that big Hollywood studios would not touch—nudity and excessive blood and gore.

Jonestown Massacre

During the second half-hour, investigative journalist Julia Scheeres talked about the tragedy at Jonestown. According to Scheeres, Jim Jones planned to kill his followers years before his Jonestown suicide/mass murder ritual claimed over 900 people. Jones had contemplated loading his followers into busses and driving them off the Golden Gate Bridge, as well as putting them into a plane and crashing it into the ground, she said. Scheeres suggested Jones ordered the death of this followers so that he could go down in history.


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