Ghost to Ghost 2011

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Ghost to Ghost 2011

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George Noory hosted the annual Ghost-to-Ghost program, in which he opened the phone lines for listeners to share their tales of ghostly encounters. Veronica recounted her encounter with an eerie entity in Seattle on a hot August day. While taking a stroll along the street with her daughter and nephews, they spied a figure, oddly clad in a wide-rimmed black hat and poncho, coming towards them. As the entity got closer, Veronica saw beneath the brim of the hat and noticed that, in place of a face, "all that was there was cloth." The clothed visage had no holes for eyes or a mouth nor any bumps where the nose should have been. Intrigued, Veronica tried to communicate with the being when their paths finally met, yet it appeared to merely ignore her and silently continued onward once she stepped aside.

Terry in Topeka recalled taking a late lunch one afternoon and seeing a couple, that she knew from her days in college, also eating at the diner. She was perplexed because they both "looked so sad" and the wife seemed like she had been crying. When Terry tried to go over and greet them, she was violently pulled back by an invisible force and felt a subliminal suggestion to not go over there. Upon going back to work, she saw another college friend who looked distraught and sadly broke the news that the husband from that couple had died three days ago. "Everything made sense to me then," Terry reflected, since the wife at the table had appeared to be looking past her husband while he had been "staring in her eyes" as if "his heart was broken."

Serena told the story of her encounter with a sinister entity in Brighton, England at a youth hostel. Heading to the bathroom in the middle of the night, she saw a black fog in the corner of the hallway which emitted "so much malevolence and hate and anger, it was just terrifying." She tried to hide in the bathroom, but the darkness took the form of a man and said to her "you've got come out of there sometime." Serena then dashed back to her room with the entity hot on her trail. It pinned her down on the bed while saying that it was going to "show you how I died." She then felt like she was drowning inside of a barrel and "I could see the water closing over my vision." Suddenly, the spirit of Serena's dog astrally projected onto her legs and scared the evil entity away. "My dog actually saved me," she marveled, "I have no idea how he did it."

"Don't you 'Happy Halloween' me! There's nothing happy about this holiday," declared notorious caller J.C., who lamented that it was "the Devil's birthday." He groused that 'trick-or-treating' is a "protection racket," since children are "extorting candy" from people "in order to have protection not to have soapy windows." As such, J.C. explained that he prepared for Halloween by keeping an eye out for "evil cats" while turning on the sprinklers and turning off the lights at his compound.

Hollywood Ghost Hunters

In the first hour, stuntman Rick McCallum and creature effects artist Robert Pendergraft talked about the Hollywood Ghost Hunters and horror films. McCallum explained that he founded the group alongside actor Kane Hodder, who portrayed "Jason" in the Friday the 13th films, after they went ghost hunting while filming a movie at Ohio's Mansfield Reformatory. When they encountered a shadow person, Hodder actually chased after the being rather than away from it, which inspired McCallum to officially launch the HGH with him. During the hour, HGH members Hodder and actor R.A. Mihailoff, who portrayed "Leatherface" in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre III, also called in to the program to share scary stories and reflect on the popularity of horror films.


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