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Date Host George Noory
Guests K.W. Kesler, Open Lines

In the first half of the show, paranormal and occult researcher K.W. Kesler provided a brief overview on demons and shared some of his investigations into their demonic activity. Kesler said he was initiated into the world of the paranormal as a teenager, when the confused spirit of a deceased neighbor visited his house and interacted with him. His paranormal research eventually led him into demonology and to houses infested with demons. During one investigation, he reported finding evidence of 12-inch footprints with claws after spreading talcum powder on a home's hard wood floors. Kesler recalled hearing a ghastly shriek from a bedroom and found all of the furniture there turned upside down. Next, an "unearthly rumble, almost like something [was] breaking the time-space barrier, the fabric of known reality," announced the arrival of what he described as a shadow person with glowing red eyes. A Catholic priest was contacted to perform a blessing on the house and afterwards the demonic activity ceased, he added.

Kesler confessed that he was shaken by his most recent case, as he may have inadvertently stumbled upon a possible link between 2012 and the demonic world. According to Kesler, things happened in this house and to this client that he had never seen before, noting an episode where everything in the kitchen cabinets was inexplicably switched with the contents of the refrigerator. Kesler revealed that he asked aloud for the invisible culprit to identify itself and heard a voice on both sides of him whisper the name Lebara—a demon worshipped by the Mayan-related cult of Yoruban. Everybody else experienced this as well, he asserted. Stranger still, Kesler claimed to have witnessed, as it was happening, numerals being scratched into his client's skin. When the unseen assailant finished, the number '406' could be clearly seen, he observed. Kesler said he later realized that there were 406 days from the date of his investigation until December 21, 2012, and believes this could be a sign of biblically catastrophic things to come.


During Open Lines, Tim from Orange, California, recounted a terrifying confrontation he had with a shadowy figure covered in blade-like spines. Tim said he awoke in total blackness and intense pain to find the creature pinning him down against the bed. Miraculously, he was able to get a hold of a stuffed toy rabbit that he had been compelled to buy the day before and was instantly able to move again and free himself. James in Eugene, Oregon, told George about an encounter with the see-through figure of a little girl that he saw standing in his kitchen one night. The entity was able to exit the house through a small crack in the back door, a space far too small for an actual person to fit through, he explained. Athena, a self-professed demonologist from Burbank, California, talked about the time she was investigating a hospital with her paranormal group and came across a red-eyed apparition in a dark corridor. Camera lights momentarily blocked the entity from view, but as soon as they were moved away she found herself standing face to face with a "black blur,” Athena said.

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