JFK & The Maury Island UFO Incident

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JFK & The Maury Island UFO Incident

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Kenn Thomas, conspiracy investigator and publisher of Steamshovel Press, revealed the possible connection between the Maury Island UFO Incident and the JFK assassination, as well as discussed other conspiracy related topics.

The True Amityville Horror

In the first hour, Christopher Lutz, portrayed numerous times as a child in the Amityville Horror movie series, shared his version of the story. Lutz recalled how his mother first met his stepfather, George Lutz, and the day they moved into the infamous DeFeo home, where several murders had taken place. He said his parents had called upon a priest to bless the house before any unusual activity had begun. According to Lutz, as the priest was performing the blessing he heard an audible voice tell him to 'get out' and was slapped by something that he could not see. Lutz does not believe the strange things he witnessed were caused by spirits of the deceased DeFeo family, but by demonic entities summoned by his stepfather. "The part [of the story] that's totally left out is that George was involved in the occult, calling this stuff up," Lutz revealed, noting his stepdad's practice of transcendental meditation and association with Wiccan priest Raymond Buckland.


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The blog io9 has posted a video of time lapse sequences taken from the International Space Station by the crews of Expeditions 28 and 29, from August-October of this year. The footage provides some of the most spectacular views of Earth's auroras ever seen, as well as breathtaking shots of lighted cities as they passed below the ISS. Check it out at io9.com.

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