YU55, ETs, & Roswell

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YU55, ETs, & Roswell

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Investigative reporter, Linda Moulton Howe, discussed anomalies found on asteroid YU55, as well as recent sightings of strange aerial objects in Canada. She also shared witness testimonies regarding non-human entities seen in a hanger at Roswell in 1947, and the close encounter of a large disk which demonstrated cloaking abilities in 2006. In her first report, Linda spoke with Dr. Lance Benner, of NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab, regarding images taken of the YU55 asteroid. He said that JPL was surprised to see a bulge at the equator of the asteroid, which is an unexpected feature based on its rotation period. Additionally, Benner noted that images of the object show a "sharp, pointy hill" that is unlike anything he's seen on other asteroids.

During the second segment, Linda reported on Greg Crane, an Ontario native who has captured a series of puzzling photographs of anomalous lights repeatedly seen in the sky. Having originally been baffled by the pulsating nature of these lights, Crane explained, he decided to hook a camera and telescope up to a tripod in order to take long-exposure photos of the phenomena and get a better view of them. The subsequent images show bizarre and erratic patterns caused by the object. Crane theorized that the light may be some kind of antigravitic craft and the patterns are due to the influence of Earth's gravity on the object. More here.

Next, Linda shared her conversation with Patrick Murphy, whose father, Francis, was stationed at the Roswell Army Air Field in July of 1947. Patrick revealed that his father saw cargo planes arriving at the base hours after the alleged crash as well as ambulances moments after the event. Subsequently, a hangar at the base was deemed "off limits" to all but the highest ranking officers. His father was told by a security officer that amongst the debris was "strange looking metal" and body parts which did not belong to humans. Later, Francis would oversee the loading of mysterious cargo which had no manifest and consisted of crates that were only numbered and noted to be bound for Wright Patterson AFB. Further info.

In her last report, Linda spoke with Patrick Colligan, who recounted the breathtaking UFO sighting he had in 2006, while working as a correctional officer at a state prison in Roswell. During a night shift, he suddenly heard a series of "pops" and then an electrical crackling sound. Following that, a row of white "lights" appeared in the sky. Upon getting a better view of the object, Colligan saw that the lights were actually illuminated windows situated in the center of a dull gray, saucer-shaped craft. He remembered being terrified at the sheer size of the object, estimated to be over 600 feet wide. As it passed over him, the top and bottom of the craft disappeared, followed by the lighted windows blinking out, leading to the object vanishing.

Comet Lovejoy & Hurricane Prediction

In the first hour, maverick physicist James McCanney talked about Comet Lovejoy as well as hurricane prediction. He said that NASA expected the comet to "melt away" as it passed close to the sun and were surprised when it went through the solar atmosphere and emerged as a Pluto-sized object. McCanney expressed great satisfaction with this turn of events since it appears to disprove the "dirty snowball" theory of comets and strengthens his own research. "This is exactly what I have been talking about," he marveled. McCanney also talked about how hurricanes are influenced by electricity coming from the atmosphere rather than water temperatures or other elements theorized by meteorologists.

News segment guests: Jeff Nelken & Catherine Austin Fitts


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This strange spherical object mysteriously fell from the sky and landed in the African country of Namibia. A series of test on the metallic ball revealed it to be hollow and harmless, yet its origins remain unknown. Namibian officials are so puzzled by the enigma, they have turned to NASA and its European counterpart for help in identifying it. More on the story at the Sydney Morning Herald.

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