Secret Door XIII

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Secret Door XIII


  • Rhodes: Secret Door & Reptilians
  • Hogue: Propheganda & Predictions
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    In our 13th edition of the 'Secret Door,' George Noory welcomed three surprise guests who discussed a variety of topics. First through the door, was a curious voice reminiscent of Truman Capote-- George was initially stumped as to its identity. It turned out to be a character voice done by none other than 'CryptoHunter' John Rhodes, who proceeded to chat about reptoids, lizard people, giants, and other anomalous beings. He recently ran across a report by the Native American Paiute tribe in Nevada, discussing their belief about a race that lives underground that is reptilian-humanoid in appearance. Further, some cavern systems might have winged humanoid beings living in them, Rhodes speculated.

    Technology and privacy expert Lauren Weinstein was next through the door. Among the issues he addressed, was the messy situation occurring with technology patents. Ever since the US Patent Office started allowing patents on basic processes, a myriad of lawsuits have sprung up between technology companies trying to squeeze money out of each other, he explained. A trend he expects to see in 2012, is the continuing march of processing power of cellphones and portable devices, bringing in spectacular changes in the way we use these devices. There are also advances being made in neural interfaces, such as MRI machines that can show to some extent what a person is seeing through their eyes, he reported.

    Last through the door was authority on prophetic traditions, John Hogue, who said he is just finishing up his new book on predictions for 2012. He addressed the notion of what he called "propheganda," in which people try to make or change the future. He also shared some of his predictions for the new year. He foresees a year of floods and upheaval, with possibly another large tsunami. Starting in February, we are entering "a mini-age of Neptune," an astrological period that will last until 2025, with millions displaced by floods, he said, adding that some nations will simply collapse from natural disasters.

    'Last Year' Program

    Riffing on the fact that we are now exactly one year before the end of the Mayan Calendar, first hour guest, author Clint Arthur talked about his 'Last Year of Your Life' program, in which people try to live each day for one year like it's the last year of their lives. He cited a Steve Jobs comment that the most powerful tool he ever had was knowing that he was going to die, as it stripped away all his fears. Arthur detailed three goals of his program: accomplish what's on your bucket list, create a legacy based on what is special about you, and have more fun than you've ever had in one year's time.

    News segment guests: Dr. Gary Ridenour, Mish Shedlock

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