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Dream Insights & Hypnosis

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In the first half of the program, medical intuitive and psychiatrist Dr. Judith Orloff talked about how dreams can provide psychological healing and valuable insights for the future. "I look at dreams as shining lights in the darkness... giving us information about ourselves," Orloff said. Dreams can show a person what they're afraid of and how to be healed from it, she explained. They can guide one toward a certain direction in life as well, Orloff said, noting that she herself listened to dreams about becoming a psychiatrist. Even nightmares have the power to heal, as they can help the mind purge inner darkness, she revealed.

Orloff encouraged listeners to develop their intuitive nature and dream lives as the year 2012 approaches. "We need to summon all of our energies beyond the linear mind. The linear mind won't be enough to handle [the challenges of the new year]," she said. People must instead look to their hearts, intuition, and dreams to get guidance and to conjure the necessary positive energy, Orloff added. She also spoke about the challenges of finding a good therapist, noting the importance of having good chemistry between patient and doctor, and seeing changes in one's life fairly quickly. Related Link: Developing Intuition Download Package


During the last two hours of the show, hypnotherapy expert Rick Collingwood discussed using hypnosis to help better one's life and maintain a positive outlook. "Our thoughts create our feelings," Collingwood stated. If people let in all of the negative stuff, it will become who they are, he noted. According to Collingwood, there is no reason to dwell in negativity as 90% of one's thoughts and fears never come to fruition. Whenever negative thoughts do enter the mind, he recommended saying, "You have no place here, go away." While it may not be possible to change adverse circumstances, people can always change how they think about them, he added.

This is where hypnosis comes into play. The subconscious is filled with patterns and programs, similar to a computer, which get enhanced by one's thoughts and feelings, Collingwood continued. As an example, Collingwood noted that if a person is having a difficult time finding employment, he or she may come to believe that a job will never be found, become negative about future employment opportunities, and simply stop looking. Hypnosis changes how that person reacts to the environment by replacing one program for another, more useful, one, he said. Several of Collingwood's self-hypnosis programs are available on iTunes.


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