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Predictions for 2012, Part I

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Date Host Ian Punnett
Guests Open Lines

Ian Punnett hosted Part I of our Annual Predictions Show, asking callers to share one event they see coming in 2012. Here are some of the predictions made by Coast listeners for the New Year:

  • Greg predicted that a "very large object" will pass between the moon and Earth, turning the sky red and dropping rocks in its wake.
  • A significant buried treasure will be discovered somewhere in the United States, envisioned Ruben.
  • Vernon foresees a 5.0+ earthquake in mid-to-central California due to hit in May. Later in the evening, Joe predicted a 6.9 tremor hitting New York state on January 18, 2012.
  • According to Alan in Folsom Country, California, 2012 will be the year that the existence of Bigfoot is confirmed after a badly injured or dead creature is recovered following a natural disaster.
  • A murder investigation into Kurt Cobain's death will be opened by the police, said Mike in Pittsburgh.
  • John warned of a school shooting similar to Columbine as well as some kind of terror attack involving trains.
  • Mike in Phoenix said that UFOs will land on the White House lawn on 12.21.2012. Puff in Canada made a similar prediction, but warned that a world superpower will upset the aliens, resulting in the country being wiped out by the ETs. And, completing the trifecta, Natasha said that aliens will not come to Earth, but will try to communicate with the human race.
  • A "covert lunar probe" revealing ancient structures on the moon and such information being leaked onto the Internet in mid-2012, said Rick in Franklin, Tennessee.
  • Regarding the 2012 presidential election, Mike said that Donald Trump would win the presidency as a 3rd party candidate, but Katherine foresees Obama declaring martial law and, thus, canceling the November election.
  • Amanda had a premonition of an assassination attempt on the new North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, while Jack predicted that Fidel Castro will die in 2012.
  • Robert in Los Angeles declared that the United States will finally discover life on Mars in the form of a moss which grows seasonally.
  • Both Carl in Milwaukee and Mitchell in Ontario warned that water will become increasingly scarce, causing legal battles and financial difficulties for average Americans.
  • Pet cloning will see a resurgence in interest, predicted Carlos.
  • In dueling Super Bowl predictions, Mike said that the Raiders will make it to the big game, but Kevin foresees the New England Patriots winning it.

Ian also reviewed callers' predictions made for 2011. Here is a sample of the hits and misses.


  • A major cruise liner vanishes in the Bermuda Triangle.
  • Wikileaks reveals Obama to be a Reptilian.
  • Judgement day will happen on May 21, 2011.
  • Samuel L. Jackson wins Best Actor at the Academy Awards.
  • Zodiac Killer finally identified.
  • An undersea volcanic eruption destroys much of Italy.


  • Kim Jong Il dies and his son will take over the country.
  • United States will find Osama bin Laden and execute him.
  • TSA expands to subways.
  • Brett Favre retires.

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