Alternate Realities / 2012 Myths

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Alternate Realities / 2012 Myths

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In the first half, Col. John Alexander, along with Victoria Alexander, joined George Knapp for a discussion on alternate realities, and how their frequent trips to South America to meet with healers and shamans have changed their outlook on the world. "I just throw myself into it, whereas John stands back and observes as a scientist and uses an analytical way of looking at it," Victoria said about their exploration of alternate realities. Having traveled around the globe studying various religious ceremonies over the past 11 years, John observed that while most people "look at the real world and spirit world as separate places, the shamans move seamlessly back and forth between them."

They shared the story of attending a ceremony in Brazil this past Summer, where Victoria became possessed by a disincarnate spirit. She explained that, during the event, she volunteered to be "healed" by one of the church leaders. Upon being grasped by the leader, Victoria felt a "swoosh" rise through her body and "I just moved aside." She called the experience pleasant and surmised that her body had been overtaken by a presence which was curious to experience the physical world via her senses. Watching from afar, John noted that Victoria began wildly dancing and "it was unique enough that the people who are used to seeing these things just stopped and stared." To this day, Victoria has no memory of her actions while possessed and only regained her awareness when she "snapped out of it" later in the ceremony.


In the latter half of Sunday's program, independent scholar and creator of the Reincarnation Experiment, Paul Von Ward, talked about key misconceptions harbored by humans as 2012 begins to unfold. He was extremely critical of the popular perception that 2012 represents a "tipping point" for mankind. Such a concept, Von Ward contended, displays the deep immaturity of the human species. "This 2012 phenomenon," he asserted, "is an example of how we are distracted from the implications of how we are living on this planet." Additionally, he said that the hype surrounding 2012 also serves to distract people from how manipulated they are by political and economic forces.

Von Ward detailed twelve "myths" which, he believes, plague the human race in modern times. One such misconception, particularly surrounding 2012, is that the year will give rise to a profound change that will forever alter our planet. Von Ward dismissed this idea as impractical and suggested that it is actually our own damage to the planet which could facilitate such a shift. "These are things we are ignoring as we blame it on some ancient prediction," he lamented. Other misconceptions that Von Ward discussed included debates over the size of government, the idea that God "always protects the planet," and the fallacy of "rugged individualism." Ultimately, he mused that "2012 is the year to look at all of these myths and re-examine our own thinking."

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