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In the first half, author McKay Jenkins discussed how scientists have become increasingly worried about the growing presence of synthetic chemicals in our bodies, and in our environment — and the connection these chemicals may have to cancer, hormonal imbalances, and many other diseases. There are over 80,000 man-made chemicals used in various products, but only 200 of them have ever been tested for any kind of health consequences, he pointed out. Further, contaminants like DDT still show up in people's bodies, even though the insecticide has been banned for decades.

Such findings have led Europe to ban or regulate potentially harmful chemicals that are found in people's bodies, but in the US most of these chemicals remain unregulated, he reported, including in the cosmetics industry, where products are not required to have labels. He cited two of the most worrisome types of chemicals-- pesticides, sprayed on lawns, golf courses etc., and formaldehyde, used in glue in many types of fiberboard and plywood furniture. Exposure to these can make people chemically sensitive to many other types of chemicals, he warned. Many aerosol sprays that contain scents use phthalates, a known endocrine disruptor, he added. Beyond responding as a consumer by choosing non-toxic products and foods in your home, "we need a much more comprehensive plan" on a legislative level, Jenkins remarked.


In the second half, intuitive medium Hans Christian King discussed guardian angels, messages from spirit, and "the Void," a time between two cycles of energy. Out of the blue, people might experience a devastating circumstance such as their spouse leaving, losing a job, or house getting foreclosed, and they mistakenly believe there is something wrong with them, he said. But what's actually going on is that they are in The Void, a transition period that is like an erased blackboard, with Spirit about to give them a clean board with new opportunities and challenges, he continued. One of the most destructive forces is "mind chatter," built-up negativity and belief systems that keep people stuck in a fear-based mentality, he stated.

Everyone has guardian angels-- no one is ever alone, King commented. "I like to say we have masters, angels, helpers, friends-- in that descending order;" people can even have "parking angels" who help them locate a parking space when in need, he shared. "Everyone has an opportunity to communicate with Spirit as a normal routine everyday," he added. King also spoke about what occurs upon death: People go into a 5-minute blackout period in which all thought stops, and then they "wake up" in the spirit world, where they are met by loved ones and guides.

News segment guests: Mish Shedlock, Dr. Betty Martini, Lauren Weinstein, Stephen Bassett


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