Hans King

Hans King


One of a rare breed of individuals, Hans Christian King is a direct voice medium and metaphysics expert specializing in channeling and spirit communication. He works in partnership with his four Master Spirit Guides. Hans has seen over 43,000 clients in private readings in the last forty years. He possesses the unique ability to communicate with the spirit realm. He works one on one with individuals in private readings, small workshops and spiritual retreats.

In addition, he delivers a lecture-demonstration style presentation entitled Messages from the Other Side - An Evening of Channeling , where he answers questions on spirituality and metaphysics and then spontaneously shares his Higher Perspectives from spirit with members of the audience. Hans is also a member of the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain and The College of Psychic Studies.




Past Shows:

  • Dearly Departed Special VI

    Featuring Hans King, Andre Eggelletion, Mat Stein, Tracy Twyman, Barbara Marx Hubbard, and Stanton Friedman. In 1st hour Bill Foss on the Akashic Records.More »
  • Overprescribed Drugs/ Spirit Guides

    Dr. Peter Breggin addressed the overprescribing of psychiatric drugs. Followed by medium Hans King discussing spirit guides.More »
  • Toxic World / The Void

    In the first half, author McKay Jenkins discussed how scientists have become increasingly worried about the growing presence of synthetic chemicals in our bodies, and in our environment — and the connection these chemicals may have to cancer, hormonal imbalances, and many other...More »
  • Magic Feats

    Joining George for a live in-studio appearance, during the middle two hours, were 'Psychic Madman' Jim Karol and fellow Phenomenon contestants Mike Super (the winner) and Angela Funovitz (runner-up).More »
  • Insights from Spirit

    Acclaimed direct voice medium Hans King returned for an evening of spiritual insights.More »
  • Forecast: 2006

    Kicking off the New Year, George Noory presented a special 4-hour Predictions Show featuring a group of psychics and prognisticators, each in a half-hour time slot.More »
  • A Medium's Forecast

    Hans Christian King, an internationally acclaimed direct voice medium, shared his predictions for 2005 which he garnered from his four spirit guides. He expressed strong concerns over the prospect of terrorism in the U.S. in the coming year or in the first part of 2006, with a...More »
  • Perceptions from Spirit

    Hans King, an internationally acclaimed psychic medium and spiritual teacher, returned to the show to share his perceptions. "The spirit world is a parallel dimension," where the colors are richer, feelings are sublime and great information and music are available, he informed....More »
  • Messages from Spirit

    Hans King, an internationally acclaimed direct voice medium, returned to the show to share his perceptions garnered from spirit. Working with four master guides (and the spirit of a little girl) King said he incorporates their knowledge from the other side into his readings and...More »
  • Messages from a Medium

    Hans King an internationally acclaimed direct voice medium, was George's main guest on Monday night. As a boy, King was first visited by a Native American spirit guide who helped him to become aware of his spiritual gifts...More »

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