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Ouija Board Messages & Open Lines

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Tina Fiorda, Tilde Cameron, Open Lines

In the first half, sisters and co-authors, Tina Fiorda & Tilde Cameron, discussed channeling their spirit guides through the Ouija board and the messages that were delivered to them. Fiorda recalled when they first began experimenting with the Ouija board as children, noting that an entity came through and cursed at them. Recognizing that "anything could come through that portal" the two developed a system of precautions. When using a Ouija board one should have only positive intentions, meditate for 30-60 minutes beforehand, say a prayer of protection, and imagine being surrounded by a white light, Cameron explained.

They credited the 1973 horror classic The Exorcist with the taboo often associated with the Ouija board. Prior to that time Ouija boards were so popular they outsold Monopoly games, Cameron revealed. The board is merely a tool, a piece of wood, Fiorda pointed out, adding that human beings are the channels through which the spirits communicate. The body has been designed as a conductor and receiver of information, she continued. The two admitted to having almost exclusively positive experiences with the Ouija board and shared some of the messages given them by their own spirit guides, Demna, Em, and Melanie.

According to the duo, their spirit guides wish for humanity to take better care of the planet, and to live in love and peace with one another. In addition, they imparted to the sisters that death is not something to be feared, but rather a simple transition to another type of existence. Perhaps most important, the spirit guides desire for us to realize that we create our own reality and we are in control of the future, Fiorda said. They also stressed the importance of practicing meditation to tune into intuition, as that is how the spirit guides connect to people, Cameron reported. "These little internal nudging that we get, those are the voices of our intuition and the voices of our guides," she said.


During Open Lines, Allen in Ogden, Utah, recounted an experience he had with a Ouija board at a college party. Allen described how he was carelessly playing with the board when his hands suddenly became as cold as ice and the planchette began moving rapidly, repeatedly spelling out S-T-P until it flew off. A girl at the party became hysterical and admitted to feeling haunted by her high school boyfriend, who had been killed in a tragic hotrodding accident, Allen remembered. The deceased boy's nickname had been STP, he added. George also offered a special 'feel good' hotline for callers who wanted to talk about things that made them feel good. Chris in Clearwater, Florida, told George that he was extremely proud to have successfully fought to eliminate water fluoridation in Pinellas County. Diva from Summit, New Jersey, shared her struggle with obesity and how a mentor took her under the wing to teach her how to cook healthy meals. Diva said she has since been able to lose weight and feels great about herself.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein / Linda Moulton Howe



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