Pandemic: Avian Flu

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Pandemic: Avian Flu

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Joining John B. Wells, avian flu expert Dr. Gary Ridenour talked about what to expect in the event of a pandemic, how life will change after the outbreak, and what people can do to survive it. To date, the avian flu has killed 50% of the approximately 600 people who contracted it. Though the virus has not yet learned how to get into the respiratory tract and jump from person to person, it continues to mutate, Ridenour said. Making matters worse and perhaps providing a helpful hand to the virus, the CDC-NIH funded a project to create the "deadliest form of the avian flu possible," he noted. Ridenour expressed concern about this new Frankenstein variant, as there are hundreds of accidents annually at level 3 and 4 laboratories that could allow the deadly bug to escape.

And vaccinations against the disease may do more harm than good. According to Ridenour, a pharmaceutical company working on a new flu vaccine could have wiped out two to four billion people a few years ago when their product was accidentally contaminated with avian flu. Vaccinating against the RNA type virus could prove challenging or even impossible (as with HIV/AIDS) and may come too late for hundreds of millions of people, he forecast. The viral invasion could also trigger cytokine storms in the infected, Ridenour said, noting how this potentially fatal condition may wipe out even more of the world's population.

Ridenour compared the bird flu mutation experiments of the CDC-NIH to acts of treason, suggesting the research is in violation of various biological weapons agreements and likely went around the checks and balances of oversight committees. He warned about the 'recipe' falling into the hands of nefarious people as the research has been sent for peer review to scores of scientists around the planet. If such a virus gets loose and into the lungs of its victim, that unfortunate person will die within a few hours, he estimated. In anticipation of a viral release, Ridenour recommended storing food, water, vitamins and medication, getting a flu mask, and maintaining social isolation.

Nature Spirits

First hour guests, nature spirit communicator Christopher Valentine and modern day seer Dr. Christian von Lahr revealed how to experience gnomes and leprechauns. Nature spirits are not readily seen because they are less dense and made of a lighter material than human beings, Valentine said. It's like looking at glass underwater, von Lahr added. Most people do not expect to see nature spirits, but they exist on our physical plane and anyone can be taught to spot them, he continued. Since they appear two-dimensionally one must use the outer part of the eye to see them, von Lahr explained.

Valentine indicated that leprechauns and gnomes can be drawn to an area by setting out some Jameson Irish whiskey or Heineken beer, respectively. He also talked about how leprechauns use glamour as a way to get invited into a home, and are the only nature spirit that can traverse to the astral plane. According to von Lahr, leprechauns desire to grant wishes for everyone, but prefer to grant the selfless wishes of little girls. Leprechauns can bring about needed changes in a person's life as well, such as building up one's vibration level to increase health, he further noted.


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