NSA Surveillance, Mysterious Objects/Booms, & Fukushima

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NSA Surveillance, Mysterious Objects/Booms, & Fukushima


  • Howe: Baltic Sea Mystery Objects
  • Howe: Baltic Sea Mystery Objects
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    Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed four different topics. In her first report, she interviewed James Bamford who revealed startling details for a Wired.com article about how the National Security Agency (NSA) has turned its surveillance apparatus on the U.S. and its citizens, and is building a 1 million square foot data center in Utah that will have the ability "to collect and sift through billions of email messages and phone calls, whether they originate within the country or overseas." Bamford described his interview with former NSA administrator William Binney, who said while holding his thumb and forefinger close together, "we are that far from a turnkey totalitarian state." More here.

    In June of 2011, a Swedish treasure hunting company using side scan sonar picked up a very odd, round object about 200 feet in diameter on the bottom of the Baltic Sea, along with a second unknown object. Linda spoke with Peter Lindberg, of Stockholm, Sweden who made the discovery. Leading to or from both unidentified objects are tracks or skid marks implying the objects impacted together, and Lindberg suggested it could potentially have been an asteroid rather than a UFO. Compounding the mystery are straight lines on the large round object and arches that look like structure on the second object. Lindberg and his company plan to return to the site with more sophisticated gear in hopes of identifying the mysterious objects. Further details.

    People in Clintonville, Wisconsin have been reporting earth-shaking, window-rattling booms since Sunday night, March 18, for three nights into Wednesday, March 21. Similar booms have also been heard in other states such as Michigan, Georgia, and Maine. Clintonville City Administrator Lisa Kuss told Linda, "We have checked gas lines, sewers, water pressures and consulted with meteorologists, seismologists, U. S. military, utilities experts and mining companies, but have come up empty-handed." Though there was a small earthquake reported in Clintonville on March 20th, this doesn't explain the similar booms heard in disparate locations. More.

    For her 4th report, Linda interviewed nuclear engineer Arnie Gundersen, who explained how the Japanese are mixing the radioactive debris from the Fukushima incident with tons of non-radioactive debris and calling it "diluted" enough to be safe, which he considers to be absurd. A highly radioactive rabbit was found 60 miles away from Fukushima, he noted, adding that a certain percentage of the radioactivity has drifted over the Pacific Ocean and can be measured in detectable amounts, particularly in the Cascade Range of the United States. Further info.

    UFOs & Gravity Fields

    First hour guest, engineer and author Robert Farrell talked about how UFOs may use negative gravitational fields for propulsion. "With a gravitational drive, if you want to accelerate at 1,000 G's, no problem, because you're just free falling either into the field or away from it," he explained, adding that with such faster than speed-of-light travel, a passenger could be at the moon in 20 minutes, or Jupiter in 18 hours. As to the development of gravity technology, he cited Dr. Eugene Podkletnov of Finland, who has worked on a gravity shielding device.

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