Open Lines & Vampyre Subculture

Open Lines & Vampyre Subculture


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsOpen Lines, Father Sebastiaan

George Noory hosted Open Lines in the first half of the program. Robin from Palm Coast, Florida, reported on an omnipresent rumbling that she has heard and felt in her area for the past four months. According to Robin, the mysterious phenomenon stirs the water in her pool and causes her entire house to shake, as if a train or river were running beneath her property. "I'm a California girl and I can guarantee they are not earthquakes," she said. Robin speculated the military could be involved in whatever is happening there.

Jason in Clemson, South Carolina, phoned in on the 'Outrageous Line' to share a bizarre synchronicity that happened the first time he ever listened to Coast to Coast. A woman had called in with a story about a Skunk Ape (Florida's Bigfoot) encounter on a farm in Ocala, he recalled. That farm belonged to my grandfather, Jason revealed, noting that he grew up hearing an account of a Skunk Ape that spooked some horses and killed his grandpa's dog. Mike from West Palm Beach, Florida, suggested that Bigfoot-type creatures, such as the Florida Skunk Ape, may have been created in a government-sponsored laboratory.

Another caller to the 'Outrageous Line', Derek in Lockhart, Texas, told George about strange convoy he and his brother came across in the Balmorhea area of West Texas. According to Derek, the line of vehicles included two Crown Victorias, a gray van, and a metallic colored 18-wheeler truck with no license plates. The men driving the cars and van were wearing black suits, dark glasses, and clear ear pieces, he said. Brian from Casper, Wyoming, also reported seeing an unusual semi-truck with no identifying marks being escorted by police cars running lights and sirens. The truck's cargo was covered with a tarp but Brian remembered it was shaped like a giant deflated football about the size of a school bus.


During the second half, George welcomed one of the most influential figures in modern Vampyrism, Father Sebastiaan, for a discussion on Vampyre Subculture. Sebastiaan said he first entered into the world of Vampyrism as a fangmaker—a trade he learned as a dentist's apprentice and continues to practice. He identified himself as a member of the Sabretooth Clan, a group of 'living vampyres' for whom blood is not something to be physically ingested but rather a metaphor representing life force. There are blood-drinking vampires, known as sanguinarians, as well as psychic vampires who crave energy, Sebastiaan explained, noting that his group does not interact with them. Sebastiaan dispelled some misconceptions about modern vampires (many actually enjoy sunshine and garlic), briefly spoke about a period in his life when he drank blood from his wife, as well as recalled the incredible vampire scene in New York just after the movie Blade came out.

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