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UFO Update/ Akashic Records

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Whitley Strieber, Mona Wind

In the first half, author Whitley Strieber discussed his recent UFO sighting, as well as the alien implant he received a number of years ago. He also reacted to the recent story that Will Smith's son Jaden asked Pres. Obama about the reality of aliens while the Smith family was visiting the White House. Obama was said to reply "I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of extraterrestrials." After Nixon reportedly gave Jackie Gleason a secret tour of ET artifacts at a Florida airbase, presidents were no longer as extensively briefed with information about aliens, Strieber conjectured.

On May 10th, 2012, Strieber said he went to bed sensing a presence. He looked through his open bedroom window and saw an enormous white object that contained a Y-shape lying on a 45 degree angle. The totally silent object moved rapidly upward into the clouds. More on the sighting at Whitley's Journal. Recounting his implant experience, which took place at his home in the woods, he described being paralyzed by a male and female human-- "one of them was pressing on my head in waves." Curiously, he later discovered that the alarm system in his garage had been immobilized by a magnetic field around the switch, something seemingly impossible without a source.


In the latter half, energy healer Mona Wind described the kind of information that is found in the Akashic Records, and how she uses it to help individual clients. The Akashic Records take their name from the Sanskrit word akasha, which means the primordial substance from which everything comes from, she explained, adding that the Records represent the soul's journey. An Akashic Records reader "basically looks at your whole journey and helps you understand at this point in time what you're about," and what your specific gifts are, she continued, noting that the Records contain the histories of a person's past, present, and future incarnations. Interestingly, only certain past lives affect a person at any given time, she said.

Wind pointed out that there are Akashic Records for everything not just people, including animals and houses (she does readings for John DeSalvo, who sends pictures of objects to her as part of his investigations). People can peer into their own Akashic Records via a meditative state, and be reminded of their personal destiny, Wind noted. Looking into George's Records, she determined that he has only three more lives to go, and in dreams he sends data to another galaxy in a kind of teaching project. Wind also detailed how she works with clients to help clear them from past karmic situations that can impact their financial and personal relationships, and performed a live entity cleansing for a caller.

News segment guests: Dan Durda, Christian Wilde



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