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Witchcraft / Open Lines

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In the first half of the program, George Noory was joined by Salem Witch Lori Bruno for a discussion on the Strega Witch Tradition and the Weird Ways of Witchcraft. Bruno said there are many different ways of practicing what she calls the Craft of the Wise, but at its heart "witchcraft is a religion that honors humanity." It is an ancient belief system, predating other philosophical and religious 'isms,' she explained. According to Bruno, the practice of witchcraft should be positive and guided by light, with the ultimate goal to foster care of all living things and the universe. "To live is to give and to give is to live," she affirmed, noting that witches are to practice goodness and kindness, feed the poor, and take care of humanity.

Bruno briefly detailed her lineage as a Strega, or Italian witch, descended from a long line of dream prophets, psychics, and healers—some of whom were put to death for their practice of the Craft. She described the role of a Strega as a consigliere (adviser) to aid in reconciliation between feuding parties. Bruno dispelled some myths about witchcraft, pointing out that neither Satan nor sacrifices to gain power have anything to do with the religion. She also talked about reincarnation, second sight, her work with the police, and casting spells, which she compared to prayer. Bruno revealed that she sometimes uses a doll, lights a candle, and beseeches the power of the universe to aid in a healing spell. She warned those who might call on such power for evil purposes, reminding listeners that negativity comes back onto the practitioner by a power of three.


During Open Lines, George offered a special 'outrageous' hotline. Dale in Montgomery, Alabama, spoke out against the National Defense Authorization Act and the continuing erosion of rights in America, as well as shared a story from his life as a firefighter. Dale recalled one incident in which he walked into a burning building to find seven people dead, two burned to death and the other five victims of smoke inhalation. Rick from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, raised an interesting question regarding how numerologists would take into account Daylight Savings Time (DST). According to Rick, he was born at 12:20am DST on August 13, 1960, but his birth was officially recorded in standard time as 11:20pm on August 12. He also recommended reading Slavomir Rawicz's The Long Walk, a purportedly true account of one group's escape from the horrors of a Russian prison and subsequent several thousand mile trek by foot to freedom. Greg in Jacksonville, Florida, phoned in to get advice about the legal ramifications of shooting a Grey alien.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein / Jerome Corsi

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