Transylvania Expedition / Open Lines

Transylvania Expedition / Open Lines


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsJoshua P. Warren, Dave Schrader, Open Lines

In the first half of the program, paranormal researchers Joshua P. Warren and Dave Schrader reported on their recent investigative trip to Transylvania. Warren described the legendary region as a "time capsule of paranormal activity," with its well-preserved ancient culture and atmosphere. Many of the sites in Transylvania are still so pure (having not been muddled by human attention) that they give off distinctive energy signatures, he explained. Warren and Schrader shared details from their visit to Poenari— the historical castle of Dracula. Schrader said the real Dracula was named Vlad Tepes and was a nobleman who protected his country from the advancing Ottoman Empire through bloodthirsty tactics, such as impaling enemies on stakes. Vlad once escaped an attack on his castle, Warren said, noting that Vlad's wife was unable to get out in time and flung herself off a cliff so to avoid capture by the Turks. In one corner of the castle near a steep cliff face, the equipment picked up erratic natural electromagnetic/electrostatic fields, Warren added.

According to Schrader, psychic sensitives in their group picked up unusual energy at Poenari Castle and two members, himself included, witnessed a mysterious figure walk past a window in a hallway. In addition, the group reported hearing pebbles skipping across the floor and having rocks thrown at them, Warren continued. Members of the party also reported feeling like something had followed them back to their hotel in Sighisoara, Romania. One woman claimed to have had an encounter with a large hostile black form that tried to kill her, Warren revealed, pointing out that her roommate snapped photos showing "an actual spiritual energy zipping around the room." Schrader admitted that he had a similar encounter in his hotel room, where he was awakened one morning to the sound of footsteps and an unseen visitor sitting down on the edge of his bed. The two also talked about the Romanian strigoi, how Bram Stoker came up with his Dracula, and their strange evening at Huniade Castle, where people were once fed alive to wild animals in the 'bear pit.'

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During Open Lines, George offered a special 'zombie' hotline. Donna in Tempe, Arizona, said her daughter continually talks about a forthcoming zombie apocalypse in 2012, citing recent bizarre and grotesque events in Florida and Maryland. Donna wondered if this 'rising of the dead' had been foretold in the Bible. Justin from Oklahoma City admitted that he has developed a zombie-like craving for his own flesh. Justin said he uses a razor blade to remove small sections of the first few layers of skin, eats it, and has never felt better. Curtis in West Virginia suggested that a zombie apocalypse could be triggered by abusers of bath salts. Rich in Strasburg, Pennsylvania, told George about the time he was watching the Space Shuttle/ISS cross the night sky and saw an unusual light move across the horizon until it was directly above him until. It vanished after a few moments, Rich said, suggesting that it may have been a stargate.

News segment guest: Mitch Battros / Alex Jones



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Joshua P. Warren and Dave Schrader sent us several images from their recent Transylvania Expedition to accompany their appearance on the 6/1/12 show. The complete series of images can be found here.

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