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Remote Viewing & Rock Stars

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Music photographer Robert Knight has not only been intimately involved with rock stars, but for over 30 years he has known the rock stars of the UFO and paranormal communities like Ingo Swann and John Alexander. It was Knight who first suggested that remote viewer Ed Dames appear on Coast to Coast with Art Bell back in the 1990s. Through Dames, he met John Alexander, and did some photos for one of his books; at Knight's request, Alexander introduced him to the legendary but reclusive psychic Ingo Swann, and in recent years Knight and Nick Cook have shot footage for a documentary about Swann's life, and the CIA's remote viewing program.

Knight is also working on a TV series about rock stars' experiences of UFOs and the paramystical. Performers such as Robbie Williams, Elton John, Billy Gibbons, and members of Aerosmith have told him intriguing stories, and he believes that musicians are more influential than politicians, and that is why they may be sought out for ET or unusual contacts.

In 2006, when a good friend of Knight's, Stephen B. Williams, went missing, he decided to contact remote viewer Angela Thompson Smith (who joined Knight during the show). He presented Smith with a blind target that she remote viewed, and she told him that his friend had been shot in the head by a business associate and his body was floating off Catalina Island. By coincidence, Knight's wife heard a TV news report that an unidentified body was found in the water, and he called the LA Sherriff's Office. When it turned out the body was his friend, Knight had to explain to the Sheriff's Office how he got the info. Smith, who got started in the remote viewing field while working at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) Laboratory, was also instrumental in helping find the murder suspect (eventually convicted), by drawing an island that Knight identified as the Virgin Islands. For more on the Williams case, see this article from the Las Vegas Sun; as well as Smith's in-depth presentation at the International Remote Viewing Conference in Las Vegas this weekend.

Strange News & Creatures

First hour guest, author Whitley Strieber discussed strange stories in the news, such as cannibalism and extreme violence, as well as spider attacks in India. The spider attacks in the town of Sadiya were thought to be done by an unknown Tarantula species that was capable of leaping at people in large numbers, and so far two people have died. Whitley also talked about his interest in a strange animal that has showed up in Texas and other states in recent years. Called a chupacabras by some, and identified as a mangy coyote by others, he believes it is actually an unclassified species.

News segment guests: Christian Wilde, Mish Shedlock

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