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Electrical engineer and physicist Brooks Agnew talked about his new book, Alienated Nation, which critiques the far reaching powers of the US government over its citizens, and argues for changes and a return to liberty. He also shared updates on his North Pole Inner Earth Expedition (NPIEE), as well as his electric car business. Through his scientific projects, he found himself in Washington DC dealing with regulation issues from time to time, and became alarmed in the last few years that Congress had lost control of the government, and so decided to investigate further. What he discovered was a 'Shadow Government,' or 'Agency-Government' that consists of "a loose coalition of bureaucracies that operate like independent businesses," often stepping on one another or competing, rather than working cohesively. They write massive numbers of regulations, but citizens have no representation, and even Congress is ignored by them, he reported.

He cited the problematic "Wars-R-Us" mentality of America, in which military conflicts serve as a driving engine of commerce. The agencies behind this don't know how to manage peace, he commented. And increasingly, non-lethal weapons are being used to control the populace and protestors, he added. But on the hopeful side, states have begun squaring off against the central government, with some 40 states having passed sovereignty acts, some very impassioned, Agnew pointed out. He proposes taking a fresh look at constitutional issues, such as getting rid of the 16th amendment (tax on income), and switching to a sales tax.

Agnew announced that his North Pole Inner Earth Expedition has gotten funding from a New York production company with a departure date set for July, 2013. According to legend, in an oceanic depression above the Arctic Circle is an entrance to an Inner Earth, and through the use of gyroscopes on the ship, they'll be to identify such a depression, he said. There is space for 100 passengers on the 15-day expedition, and plans are in place to broadcast live from the ship. He also spoke about his company, Vision Motor Cars, which manufactures and sells affordable electric cars and trucks. The vehicles can go up to 100 miles on a charge, and are 60-70% American made, Agnew detailed.

Indiana Law Controversy

First hour guest, founder of the Oath Keepers, Stewart Rhodes, reacted to a controversial new law in Indiana that allows residents to use deadly force against "unlawful intrusion" by a public servant. The law was just a reinstatement of one that was previously on the books-- the common law doctrine for people to protect themselves against unlawful perpetrators, even if they are police officers, he explained, adding that this is an important citizen right.

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