Streaming Consciousness, Telepathy & Open Lines

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Streaming Consciousness, Telepathy & Open Lines

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In the first half of Friday's program, author and "time traveling" clairvoyant, Louise Hauck, discussed the nature of time and telepathy, as well as how we can use our natural psychic abilities to navigate the 'past' and 'future,' and even contact those who have passed on from this realm. "There is no before or after outside of this dimension," Hauck said. The past exists only in so far as we hold certain perceptions of it, she added. Hauck detailed how she can merge with a client's consciousness to view strategic past scenes that may be impacting the present and glimpse probable future moments. According to Hauck, she once saw the 9/11 disaster while reading a FEMA worker. She advised listeners wishing for a brighter future to simply let it unfold and stay in the present, deal with personal issues, and expand from any challenges.

Hauck explained her concept of 'streaming consciousness,' which she said connects us and makes available all information beyond the boundaries of time. Tapping into this stream allows one to communicate telepathically with others, she noted. When you merge with another's timeless consciousness you can entrain them onto a higher frequency where non-local communication can take place, she explained. As an example, Hauck pointed to the time she created a telepathic daisy chain in a New York bar by connecting patrons to one another. She also recalled when a man sitting in a diner pulled something from her own energy field and began whistling notes from an obscure song that her father sang to her as a child. Hauck announced that she has made available to Coast listeners some complimentary information, including 8 Steps to Connect With a Loved One (in the Non-Physical).


During Open Lines, Dave in Orlando, Florida, remembered a terrifying experience from his childhood in which something with tentacles appeared outside of his bedroom window. According to Dave, the tentacled creature followed him from window to window as he ran to his parents' bedroom. Though they could not see it, and the monster was likely a dream figment, Dave recalled sleeping in the hallway to avoid any windows. He also wondered, as someone who lives alone, why he occasionally hears his name called out so loudly that it awakens him from his sleep. Anthony in St. Louis told George about his theory that current Pope Benedict XVI may be the antichrist and how he was tormented by an unseen force that destroyed a metal and a ceramic cross hanging in his home.

Richard from Northville, Michigan, recalled when he was a teenager in California and saw a curious man covered in white powder running down a football field in the middle of the night. The strange person identified himself as a 'dimension walker' from the far future and asked for assistance getting equipment and flour, he explained. Richard said he took the visitor to a laboratory in Livermore, California, where he emerged with a mysterious box. Back at the field, the purported time traveler covered himself in flour, took off running (beneath the exact path of what appeared to be a satellite in space), and vanished mysteriously in a puff of powder, Richard claimed.

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Clairvoyant and intuitive Louise Hauck has posted numerous media files on her website, including video of a 2003 appearance on Good Morning Columbus in which she talked about her connection with the source, the greatest enemies of intuition, the illusion of time and death, and how she experiences non-linear time outside of this dimension. Check it out at

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