Metaphysics & Visions

Metaphysics & Visions


HostJohn B. Wells

GuestsStuart Wilde, Don Schmitt

Joining John B. Wells, esteemed metaphysician Stuart Wilde revealed some of the dramatic things he has uncovered through his research and visions. Wilde commented on rumors of a UFO invasion during the summer Olympics. Though this may be an unlikely event, he did note his recent vision of a UFO (shaped like the Daleks from Doctor Who ) moving into position near Tower Bridge. Wilde busted the 'solid' UFO myth, explaining that UFOs are actually complex demonic beings that can morph into the shapes we recognize as UFOs. In any patch of sky, there are at least 200 of these beings overhead and trillions in total around the Earth, he revealed. According to Wilde, these UFOs are linked to Reptilians, who also can appear as humans. He claimed to have seen a woman shape shift into a Reptilian being over the course of 20 minutes, then turn to him and smile.

Wilde spoke about other dimensions, some hellish and some heavenly, that are very near to us and contain millions of different beings. Every person has a mirror world self, or double, in another dimension. Everything one thinks and feels is transferred to this mirror world self. Wilde shared some of his darker visions, including one that showed Princess Diana died from a lethal injection, not a car accident. Her car was not even damaged and had to be mangled to make look like it had been in a crash, he said. Wilde supported claims of conspiracy surrounding the 9-11 tragedy, and suggested the planes that hit the towers may have been holograms. The buildings were brought down with thermite explosions, he added. Wilde also provided a brief history of the Bilderbergers, foretold of a coming global economic collapse, and announced that the world will not be ending in 2012, as he has seen visions beyond that date.

Update from Roswell UFO Festival

In the first hour, ufologist Don Schmitt, reporting from the Roswell UFO Festival in New Mexico, talked about the famous UFO case. Schmitt said the Festival commemorates those who were brave enough to step forward and say something extraordinary happened there—something much more than a weather balloon. The Roswell case demonstrates that we are not alone and have been visited by an intelligence beyond our planet, he noted. Schmitt suggested that the U.S. Air Force knows the truth about the Roswell incident and has been sitting on it as the eyewitnesses die off. The military must maintain their cover-up or they would have to admit to perpetrating a mass deception, acknowledge that other craft fly through our airspace with impunity, and confess to threatening citizens who talked with death, he added.

Schmitt also shared the account of a man whose father worked the freight yard at the Roswell Army Air Field. According to this man, his dad found a piece of material from the crash site, took it home, and gave it to him as a birthday present. The handkerchief-size piece of foil-like material could purportedly smooth itself out after being crumpled, and the man said he even used it in a magic act. Other witness accounts are consistent and confirm the existence and nature of this seemingly non-terrestrial material, Schmitt reported. "How can they all possibly be lying?" he asked rhetorically.

News segment guest: C2C Assistant Producer Chris Boros provided a brief live update from the Roswell UFO Festival.



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