Tesla, Energy, & Reincarnation

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Tesla, Energy, & Reincarnation

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CEO of Pure Energy Systems Inc., Sterling D. Allan, discussed the work of scientific genius Nikola Tesla and the numerous ways he manipulated electricity, as well as what types of promising new and emerging energy technologies are on the horizon. Patrick Flanagan, who believes he may be the reincarnation of Tesla, joined the conversation in hours 3 & 4. Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower both received and broadcast energy, but such technology could possibly be recreated today with a much smaller device instead of the Tower, that would tap into the etheric energy as needed, Allan noted. He also spoke about Tesla's reported electric automobile, a modified Pierce-Arrow car that harnessed free energy from an antenna, and could go 90mph and run for hundreds of miles at a time.

Allan noted that Flanagan had recently been honored by the Chinese government for his work on developing a product akin to Hunza water, which has been associated with longevity. A child prodigy with eidetic memory, Flanagan said he began to have recall of his life as Nikola Tesla at an early age (see article below). He followed up on some of Tesla's devices, and a number of them could be operated with lower power today, he noted. "I have over 300 inventions, they're all very unique-- the kind of inventions that no one's ever seen before," Flanagan stated.

Flanagan spoke about his recall of Tesla's involvement in the Philadelphia Experiment, and confirmed that many of the bizarre claims about what happened there were true. He spoke out against the misuse of Tesla technology and his own inventions for the purpose of military weaponry. Beyond his own past life recall as Tesla, Flanagan said his son also remembered his previous life as a man named Wing who was married to a woman named Smokey Angel, living in Cocoa Beach, FL. The Flanagans were able to contact her and confirm the veracity of this claim, and she subsequently came to live with them. The author of the 1973 book, Pyramid Power, Flanagan said he spent 30 years channeling the wisdom of a Persian Master, and once did so live on the Tom Snyder show.

Life Extension

First hour guest, practicing veterinarian and best-selling author, James Rollins, discussed his research on life extension and the quest for immortality. As the population ages, the costs of Alzheimer's and age-related ailments will grow astronomically, and this is one motivation for research to stave off these problems. IBM in collaboration with Swiss scientists is attempting to reverse engineer the mammalian brain at the molecular level, which will allow them to look closely at brain ailments, as well as consciousness, he reported. In coming years, with replacement body parts and other techniques, life expectancy could increase dramatically. But if people are living to 200-300 years will life lose some of its value?, Rollins pondered.

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