James Rollins

James Rollins


James Rollins decided to become a writer as a boy immersed in the scientific adventures of Doc Savage, the wonders of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, and pulps such as The Shadow, The Spider, and The Avenger. He honed his storytelling skills early, spinning elaborate tales that were often at the heart of pranks played on his brothers and sisters. But Jim first pursued a career in veterinary medicine, graduating from the University of Missouri and establishing a successful veterinary clinic in Sacramento, California. This hands-on knowledge of, and interest in, medicine and science help shape the research and scientific speculation that set James Rollins' books apart.



Past Shows:

  • Earth Cataclysms & UFOs / Dowsing & Manifestation

    Author James Rollins talked about his new novel, Tides of Fire, which deals with a geological disaster. Followed by dowser and radionics practitioner Heinz Gugger on manifesting goals.More »
  • Weird Biology of Viruses / Cryonics & Immortality

    Author James Rollins delved into the weird biology of viruses, 'Disease X,' and virus hunters. Followed by journalist Peter Ward on cryonics and attempts to achieve immortality through technology.More »
  • Megiddo and Civilization Collapse / Historical Mysteries

    Eric Cline discussed the archaeology of Megiddo - Armageddon in the Bible. Followed by James Rollins on mysteries of the Ancient Greeks.More »
  • Evidence of Ancient Giants / Spanish Inquisition

    Michael Tellinger discussed evidence for ancient species of giants. Followed by James Rollins on AI, the Spanish Inquisition, and witchcraft.More »
  • Astrology & 2016 Predictions/ Genetic Modification

    In the first half, professional astrologer Linda Schurman discussed how world events are tied in with astrological patterns, and shared her predictions about the economy, earth changes, and politics for 2016 and beyond. In the latter half, bestselling author James Rollins...More »
  • Space News / Extinctions

    In the first half, space historian Robert Zimmerman shared an update on commercial space exploration, as well as talked about the sun's inactivity. At the current time, he's not concerned about a solar flare doing the Earth harm, as the sun is not producing sunspots in great...More »
  • Vampirism

    Author James Rollins, who has a degree in Veterinary Medicine, discussed the literary and medical back story of vampirism, uniting the forensics, anthropology, and myths to show how vampires have earned their place in history. The notion of vampires as the blood-sucking undead...More »
  • Tesla, Energy, & Reincarnation

    CEO of Pure Energy Systems Inc., Sterling D. Allan, discussed the work of scientific genius Nikola Tesla and the numerous ways he manipulated electricity, as well as what types of promising new and emerging energy technologies are on the horizon. Patrick Flanagan, who believes...More »

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