Watergate, Nixon, & the Mafia

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Watergate, Nixon, & the Mafia

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Investigative reporter known as "The Ultimate JFK Historian," Lamar Waldron, discussed new information and documents that link the murders of Jimmy Hoffa, mob boss Sam Giancana, and Mafia don Johnny Rosselli to the Watergate scandal. These men, he revealed, all had ties to Richard Nixon as well as to JFK's assassination. Waldron dispelled what he considered myths about Watergate-- one of which was the idea that the cover-up was worse than the crime. There were actually four burglary attempts at the Watergate, and the same crew burglarized the Chilean embassy in Washington. According to Waldron, the Watergate burglaries were Nixon's attempt to retrieve files that revealed how he orchestrated the CIA and E. Howard Hunt to use the Mafia to try to kill Fidel Castro, before the 1960 election. As well as how he got a $500,000 bribe from some of those same mobsters.

The mobsters the CIA was secretly using in 1963 to attempt to kill Castro--Rosselli, Trafficante, and Carlos Marcello-- later confessed they were involved in the JFK assassination instead, said Waldron. If JFK hadn't decided to prosecute the Mafia, he'd still be alive, Waldron surmised. After Nixon's resignation, congressional investigations started exploring these Mafia plots in 1975, and Sam Giancana and Jimmy Hoffa were both murdered before they could testify.

Waldron revealed new information that Hoffa secretly visited Mafia boss Carlos Marcello at his thousand-acre spread outside of New Orleans, possibly just the day before he disappeared. He also talked about the missing "18-minute-gap," called the "smoking gun" of Nixon's Watergate tapes, and said it contained details about E. Howard Hunt, the Bay of Pigs, and the Mafia's involvement.

EMP Threat

First hour guest, novelist and former Reagan White House staff member Karna Small Bodman (photo) talked about the EMP (electromagnetic pulse) threat and what we can do about it. She outlined a possible scenario in which a militant group or a country that doesn't like America gets hold of a small nuclear device and attaches it to a delivery device like a SCUD missile, then detonates it 50 miles up in the air from a ship off the US coast. This would unleash a shockwave or EMP that would fry electronics on the ground, knock out the grid, and in a general sense, set us back to the year 1910, she warned. Bodman suggested that the US expand its missile defenses, develop back-up systems, harden the existing power grid, and remain vigilant about nuclear proliferation.

News segment guest: Dr. Peter Breggin


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