Colorado Shooting & Gun Control

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Colorado Shooting & Gun Control

About the show news director Rob Dew joined John B. Wells to discuss the tragic movie theater killing spree in Aurora, Colorado, as well as gun control issues. He reviewed some of the curious details of the incident, noting that suspected shooter and neuroscience PhD dropout James Holmes was on Vicodin at the time, launched his attack perfectly with gun play in the film and, despite receiving unemployment benefits, was able to afford an estimated $20,000 of tactical gear. "We are convinced at this point that this was a staged provocateur operation: either the guy is a mind control subject or he was working with other people," Dew disclosed. The shooter is most likely involved in a government plot, he added. Dew expressed his fear that the tragedy will ultimately be used to attack the Second Amendment, even though he believes a few armed civilians in the audience could have saved the day.

Dew spoke about the United Nations Small Arms Treaty which, in light of this event, may end up further restricting gun rights. He commented on the Fast and Furious gun-running (and grenade) scandal that has armed enemies of the United States and Attorney General Eric Holder's crusade against guns. In cities where draconian gun laws are in place, such as Chicago and New York, killings are rampant, he noted. Dew referred to the confiscation of arms during the Katrina disaster as proof of how easily constitutional rights can be trampled. "If we don't stop them with the second amendment, then all the other amendments don't mean anything," he explained. Dew foresees a day coming when the military will forcibly remove firearms from the populace and intern dissenters in FEMA camps. He encouraged listeners to exercise their second amendment rights and hold politicians accountable for how they vote on the issue.

Banking Fraud & Collapse

In the first hour, investigative reporter Greg Hunter revealed how the banking system is rife with fraud, instability and infighting which could collapse the entire system. "We could have a systemic crash... we have a really unstable system," he cautioned. The Federal Reserve pumping out $16.1 trillion and buying up a trillions of dollars of mortgage-backed securities barely kept it from collapsing, Hunter explained. He commented on the LIBOR interest rate rigging scandal, calling it "the biggest financial fraud in the history of the planet" and noting that it was used to price $800 trillion in transactions. Sixteen 'too big to fail' banks set LIBOR and if any one of them failed, it would bring down the entire system, he added. Huge lawsuits from municipalities and other parties that bought derivative contracts could easily wipe out all of the financial assets at the big banks, Hunter warned. The Fed will likely print more money to deal with the problem thus causing massive price inflation, he predicted.


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