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During Open Lines, John in San Diego expressed concern about a recent series of very realistic dreams he has had about being aboard an extraterrestrial craft. John said he doesn't know if the dreams are real or possibly an abduction experience, but he did note waking up with red marks on his chest. Sam from Buffalo, New York, told George about a law he has uncovered that allows American citizens to tap into a giant federal mutual fund. At birth, everyone's share begins at $630,000, Sam said, adding that one must have an original birth certificate with a 6-digit code on the back to claim a share. Several callers phoned in to comment on the tragic shooting at a movie theater in Colorado and voice their opinions on gun control issues the killing spree has raised.

"All assault weapons must finally be banned," announced Jeff in Cleveland, Ohio. Those caught selling such weapons should be punished with fines, license revocation, and jail time, he added. Randy from Ashland, Oregon, suggested the number of shooting deaths would have been reduced had a handful of people in the audience been carrying concealed weapons. Robert in Oklahoma City agreed with the sentiment, stating that the public should not be held responsible for the actions of one maniac. He also theorized that the alleged shooter, James Holmes, may have been a brainwashed CIA operative. Jeff from Culver City, California, speculated that the shooter may have been associated with a clandestine mind control program like the one featured in The Manchurian Candidate.

The final half hour featured a replay of George's 4/4/11 interview with Oliver Williams, website editor for the time travel story of John Titor.


First hour guest Aleya Annaton, an emissary trained by Nassim Haramein, discussed her transformation from atheist to believer in metaphysical and spiritual realities. She recalled when she was in her thirties and first experienced paranormal phenomena such as telepathy, clairsentience and the ability to remotely heal. According to Annaton, the most profound moment came when she made contact with her deceased father on a beach and felt a surge of energy run through her body. In light of these experiences, Annaton said she re-evaluated the concept of life after death and the continuation of consciousness. She credited Haramein with providing a scientific explanation of the spiritual realm. He believes that every particle of matter in this universe feeds into an energy field of infinite density within a black hole, and that we are all connected to one another, Annaton explained.

News segment guests: Peter Breggin / Catherine Austin Fitts / Richard Hoagland (Lunar Ziggurat Photo)


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