Disease & Prevention/ Angels & Psychic Reading

Disease & Prevention/ Angels & Psychic Reading


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsDr. Charles Simone, Helene Olsen

In the first half, Dr. Charles Simone discussed various medical problems and diseases and the preventative measures people can take to stay healthy. He touched on the recent Ebola outbreak in Africa. The initial symptoms of Ebola are common ailments such as sore throats, coughs, muscle & joint pain, and headaches, but then can progress to bleeding from orifices, cardiovascular problems, and death, with necrosis of the skin, he detailed. Cases pop up in areas with poor hygiene or "in hospital settings that have poor recognition of proper isolation techniques," he continued.

Dr. Simone talked about incidents of the flesh-eating bacteria, and suggested that it may be related to bats who carry the virus, and drop partially-eaten infected fruit that goes into lakes and streams, and onto land. He offered preparation tips on how to survive a terrorist attack, such as having a supply of certain items-- bleach, latex gloves, topical antibiotics, bandages, calamine lotion, surgical mask, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda-- these are the major necessities for decontamination. He also commented that a number of cancer detection techniques such as mammograms don't extend lifespans, but a new type of test involving proteomics could detect tumors earlier. Many cancers are related to diet, and certain foods should be avoided or reduced in consumption, he said, citing four-legged animals, shellfish, dairy and soy products.


In the latter half, psychic medium Helene Olsen, a licensed reader in Salem, MA, talked about connecting with the angelic realm, and her work with clients, as well as ghosts and other entities. After experimenting with Tarot cards, she had a "third eye opening" in which her deceased aunt started talking to her in the supermarket. Subsequently, she began communicating with angels, who operate in a kind of hierarchy, she said. Their true form, she revealed, is a huge ball of energy with rays coming off of them; and their rays are uneven creating a wing-like effect. An archangel such as Michael functions like a "mainframe computer," communicating to perhaps hundreds of people at the same time, she explained.

The angels often assist her when she is called upon to remove entities or ghosts from a location. In a recent case in a Massachusetts home, she witnessed a strange interdimensional creature that looked like a "big flat jellyfish" coming down the stairs, and she suspected it was going to energetically attack her. Fortunately, angels showed up and with some struggle were able to remove the entity, she said. Olsen also talked about the concept of psychometry, in which the energy of an object or place has a residue or impression, left by previous individuals it has come into contact with.

News segment guests: Mitch Battros, Peter Davenport



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