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2012 & Nostradamus

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Author and prophecy expert John Hogue discussed the prophecies of Nostradamus as well as how 2012 is a year of turmoil, with power struggles and class wars increasing dramatically as part of a global cycle. Hogue attributed the unrest throughout the world to a cyclical change in the Earth's energy. This metamorphosis, he said, is causing systemic failure within institutions like the economy and religions because "they cannot be sustained in this new energy." He also called this period a "mind plague," because the collective population is doing irrational things, turning to outdated concepts to solve problems, and showing a lack of political will. This phenomenon, he argued, is compounded by the massive global population being bombarded with "unconscious emotion and thinking" to the point that the Earth's "psychosphere cannot sustain a healthy energy."

Hogue also shared some predictions for events he foresees unfolding in the near future. Regarding the US presidential election, he predicted that Barack Obama would be re-elected by about an 8.5% margin of the popular vote. That said, he suggested that Mitt Romney will win if the unemployment levels go above 10.5%. Regardless of who wins the election, Hogue warned, the United States' acrimonious relationship with Iran will not change. While he was skeptical that a war with Iran was imminent, believing it was more likely to happen around 2015 or 2016, he did concede that, astrologically, September appears to be the month where an "incident might happen" to spark the conflict.

On the prophecies of Nostradamus, Hogue dismissed recent contentions that the legendary prognosticator alluded to the current Olympic games in his writings. He explained that it is a mistranslation which should actually read "the games of slaughter." To that end, Hogue suggested that this could be interpreted as a vision of the emerging reliance on drone weaponry which has created a "Nintendo style of modern warfare." Within that quatrain, Hogue also observed the phrase "when the dead come out of their grave," and surmised that it may indicate "a time when people start waking up" from the "mind plague." Since Nostradamus predicted events up to 1,800 years from now, Hogue was skeptical that we are living in the proverbial end times, though conceded that a "reboot of the motor of history" is upon us.

2012's Crop Circle Season

In the first hour, author Whitley Strieber talked about the Washington crop circle as well as environmental news. He marveled that the Washington formation is "exceptional," notably due to the lack of any signs of disturbance in the crops surrounding it. Strieber contended that it is further evidence of a particularly interesting crop circle season where many formations cannot be dismissed as hoaxes. Along those lines, he noted that crop circles in England have emerged in remote fields which are beset with such thick mud that walking in them is nearly impossible. Regarding the environment, Strieber lamented that there is "always a laundry list" of discouraging news, but pointed to dropping CO2 emissions in the US as a positive sign for the future.

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Cindy and Greg Grieb, owners of a wheat field in Washington, were amused and bewildered when a mysterious crop circle recently appeared on their land. The remote location of the enigma, as well as the lack of damaged crops around it, suggest a potential extraterrestrial origin for the formation. Should that be the case, the Griebs revealed that they would be flattered if their field drew the interest of ETs. More on the story at NBC News.

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