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Angelic Encounters / Open Lines

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In the first half, harpist and lifelong student of the paranormal Peter Sterling discussed his encounters with angels and other celestial beings, and the profound changes that his contact with a multi-dimensional reality had on his life. Sterling recalled a period twenty years ago when he decided to rid himself of possessions and embark on a spiritual quest to Sedona, Arizona. It was there, in the profound silence and isolation of canyon walls, that he believes his spirit was awakened by angels. They unveiled the holographic nature of reality and helped him tune into 'inner music,' he said. According to Sterling, the angels revealed the glorious source of the music as well as his mission in life—to be a harpist channeling this heavenly sound. The angels taught him to play music that can instantly train a listener to the theta state, he disclosed.

Sterling spoke about the nature of angels, describing them as higher-dimensional energy beings who exist in a unified field of love and are commanded by a source intelligence. They are tasked with administering the universes to keep everything in order, he explained. Angels have played a part throughout history, Sterling continued, noting how great people such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and even the Founding Fathers were inspired by angels. Sterling claimed to have telepathic communications with angels but pointed out that angelic energies are accessible to everyone. One must simply call upon them from the heart, he said. Sterling also commented on crop circles, which he suggested are made by an extraterrestrial intelligence here to assist mankind. They want us to know that we are on the verge of an evolutionary quantum leap, he added.


During Open Lines, Rosemary in Apopka, Florida, told George about a brain aneurysm that had put her into a coma for several weeks. Rosemary said one of her sisters was anointed on her behalf and immediately fell into an out-of-body experience. The sister recalled flying over streets and into Rosemary's hospital room, where she found the place full of beings who instructed her to tell their mom that everything would be okay. A caller from Des Moines, Iowa, appropriately named Angel, shared her own angelic stories. Angel said she was born with severe kidney failure and throughout her numerous health difficulties has always felt surrounded by angels. She also recalled the time she was comforted by an unseen celestial force as the plane she was aboard crash landed. Anthony in Alaska remembered when he was 14 years old and had just completed his confirmation. Anthony said he could hear voices and looked up into the church's rafters to see angels and babies looking down on him. According to Anthony, one angel turned to the babies and said, "Quiet. He can hear you." The final half hour featured a replay of Dr. Morgus' surprise visit with George on 11/11/05.

News segment guests: Richard C. Hoagland / Dr. Morgus


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