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Dire Future

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John B. Wells welcomed author and artist James Howard Kunstler (book link), who spoke about the dire problems we face, the overly optimistic view that technology will save us and his pessimistic view of the future. "I do think we are in a lot of trouble," Kunstler warned, noting how our past choices will soon require us to face some drastic consequences. For instance, the petroleum-based economies of industrialized nations have diminished once vast reserves of oil leaving only the hard to reach dregs, he disclosed. Those deposits will likely remain untapped due to lack of capital to retrieve them, he added. Oil scarcity, as well as impairment of capital formation, will in turn affect the food-growing production mechanisms of industrial agriculture, Kunstler said. Ultimately, there will be a contest over the world's remaining material resources, he predicted.

The global economy will recede in importance and large political units will break into smaller ones, contracting into their own regions of the globe, Kunstler continued. Trade and commerce will be reformed and the North American economy will become more internally focused in the years to come, he forecasted. Kunstler anticipates the end of the suburban experience in America and a return to more traditional ways of inhabiting the landscape via towns, villages and small cities. People will fight over an ever-diminishing piece of a much smaller pie so the principal task will be in managing the contraction in order to get through it with the least amount of misery, Kunstler said. He imagined a future where the electrical grid has failed, internet access is unavailable, people live and farm locally, agriculture is the center of life, and many sell their allegiance to have basic needs met.

Vedic Astrology & Predictions

In the first hour, professional astrologer Joni Patry talked about Vedic astrology and shared some of her predictions for the near future. Vedic astrology comes from the oldest Indian scriptures, the Vedas, she explained. The 5,000 years old practice is the "father of all the sciences," Patry added, noting that astrology includes mathematics, philosophy, spirituality, and psychology. Vedic astrology is particularly excellent at determining specific trends and purpose for one's life, she continued. According to Patry, the biggest event on the immediate horizon is the total collapse of the economy between now and year's end. She also foresees a mass calamity after election day that will cause much chaos in America. On a positive note, all of us will brought together, grow spiritually, and collectively transform our consciousness, Patry revealed.


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