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Haunted LA & Open Lines

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In the first half, author and researcher into supernatural phenomena F.J. Lennon discussed some of the haunted places in Los Angeles, including Devil's Gate Dam, a 'Suicide Bridge' in Pasadena and the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. The Devil's Gate Dam is built on atop a location that Native Americans believed was a portal to the afterlife, Lennon explained. Infamous occultist Aleister Crowley identified it as one of seven portals to hell, he added. According to Lennon, Jack Parsons, founder of Jet Propulsion Laboratories and a Crowley disciple, conducted rituals at Devil's Gate with Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard to summon an entity called Babylon. They may have punched a hole into another dimensions as several mysterious disappearances have occurred there since that time, he noted.

The beautiful Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena is another location swirling in paranormal strangeness. More than 200 people have killed themselves by jumping from the bridge since it opened, Lennon said. He reported visiting the area underneath the bridge shortly after a suicide and picking up EMF spikes where the body was found. Lennon thinks the traumatic events have caused residual energy to pool at the bottom of the bridge which entices people of a certain mindset to jump. He also talked about experiencing an unusual cold spot in the ballroom of the Roosevelt Hotel that may be a vortex entry/exit point for spirits, witnessing a full body apparition move across a cemetery and dissolve into a tombstone, as well as growing up in a paranormally active house and working in a haunted office where a girl could be heard singing Christmas songs in the basement.


The latter part of the program featured Open Lines. Tom in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, told George that he has had visitations from his deceased grandmother since he was twelve years old. Now, Tom's twelve-year-old son has reported seeing her as well. "You can feel her sit on the bed," he said, noting that although his son never knew the woman he correctly identified her from a photo. Rick, a law enforcement officer from Wichita, Kansas, recalled the night he and his partner encountered an entity that appeared as a young child with cold black eyes. Rick said they stopped their car, searched the area but did not find anything. Lar in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, claimed to have military image intercepts from another time showing Dwight D. Eisenhower. He believes someone is using images of the dead president to concede the next presidential election to Barack Obama.

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