Threats to Health & Liberty

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Threats to Health & Liberty

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John B. Wells was joined by Mike Adams, editor of Natural News, for a wide-ranging discussion on health and liberty related topics, including the globalist's agenda, population control, vaccinations, GMO foods, fluoride poisoning, and chemtrails. "There is a globalist perception that most of the population is comprised of so called useless feeders," Adams said. They desire to greatly reduce the number of people inhabiting the world and enslave and control those who are left, he added. Adams suggested the globalist-controlled biomedical industry has promoted false pandemics, such as flu and whooping cough, in order to inject the populace with vaccines that cause infertility, spontaneous abortions and death. He further theorized that vaccinations may work in conjunction with chemtrails as a kind of biochemical weapon to depopulate the planet.

One of the greatest chemical cons ever perpetrated is fluoride, Adams continued. It interferes with iodine uptake which causes thyroid- and pineal-related health issues, he explained, noting that fluoride is in the psychoactive drug Prozac and may even suppress consciousness. The globalists want to dumb us down, Adams said. He commented on corporate control over the food supply via genetically-modified crops and warned of a potential apocalypse as the genetic variety of plant life continues to diminish. We could destroy ourselves with a GMO crop failure, he warned. Adams also spoke about an impending financial collapse that could occur within 18 months, how vitamin D can make one immune to common infectious diseases, the tragic shooting in Aurora, Colorado and FBI false flag events.

Nuclear Power Risks

In the first hour, nuclear energy expert Scott Portzline talked about the shutdown at the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant and related issues. According to Portzline, the San Onofre plant is at risk of a 'guillotine accident' in which a steam generator tube breaks, decapitates other tubes, that in turn cause even more steam generator tubes to rupture. If this happened, operators would have a difficult time maintaining control, he noted. Portzline disclosed that large amounts of radioactive tritium have been pumped into Lake Ontario by Canada's nuclear power stations. "Tritium is dangerous because it gets into the human system as water... [it] is coming out of all nuclear plants," he warned. Portzline also commented on how easy it is to sabotage nuclear power plants, spoke about the Fukushima disaster and how likely the total radiation release from that accident will exceed Chernobyl, and called for a new scale to measure nuclear incidents (view related images).

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